September 09, 2021

The fair comes to town

The fair came to town and my bestie niece and I decided to visit. 

Now, I am scared of heights and I don't do rides at all! However, my niece wanted to go on some rides and wanted me to go with her...eek! So I ended up on the ferris wheel 🎡 and some other ride. TBH, the rides were not as bad as I had imagined, and I might have even enjoyed them a tad. However, I am in no rush to relive the experience.

Anyway, we had a jolly good time and took some really cute photos too. 


Did you guys visit any fair or theme parks this summer? 


  1. I would have only gone on the ferris wheel, myself, lol. By the way, you're wearing the perfect sweater for this outing.

  2. Oh so good photos darling
    the photos are very colorful and cute!

  3. you both look so cute omg...listen I died at you when you say you're in no rush to go on any rides hahah I'm the same girl. I went with my son over the summer and umm I'm in no rush either lol