August 05, 2019

Twirling Red

 Took these photo around the way, but the background got me looking like I am on vacay in Catargena or Cuba. The layers of the dress and the twirl it gave off also added to the vacay in a Spanish city vibe. 

Talking about dresses, I have always found it hard finding dresses with the right fit in my size, but I just discovered a women dresses store that offers a myriad of affordable styles for every woman. Definitely check them out.

Happy new week, chicas


  1. You're also dressed like you're in Cartagena or Cuba. I've been to Havana but Cartagena is still on my list.

  2. Cute dress. It's flirty and feminine. Perfect for a date.

  3. You look fab in this dress:) And it does have a very Havana vibe.

  4. You really look like to be in Cuba, even the outfit with that wonderful dress is perfect for it!^^
    Amazing potos, bright colors looks fab on you! :D

  5. I LOVE that dress!!!!!!
    The pretty red colour, the fine pleats, tiered flounce styling, and airy appearance are all beautiful,
    and you look fabulous wearing it!