December 07, 2018

Pink Balloons

At the end of the summer, my little cousin and I decided to do a photo shoot with our matching pink sweaters (New York & Co). We decided to complement our outfits with our light pink sneakers and pink balloons. We went to the dollar store, came home and blew up the balloons ourselves...and voila, a budget photo shoot.


When you fly a balloon you don’t file a flight plan; you go where the wind goes. You feel like part of the air. You almost feel like part of eternity, and you just float along-- Jeannette Piccard


  1. Love this Look and you are comfy & chic.

  2. two are adorbs:D Love this shoot!

  3. The photos are lovely!

    Happy Weekend <3

  4. Gorgeous pictures! so loving the pink sweater

  5. Oh what a fun photo shoot! You two look adorable in your matching outfits and you got some great shots! :) This would have been a wonderful way to spend time together!

    Hope that you are having a great week :) Last night we took the kids to a Christmas event at Movie World and it was awesome! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog