September 24, 2018

Pint shop: The Museum of IceCream, NYC

The phrase" like a kid in a candy store, became a reality, when on a Sunday afternoon in Manhattan, I found myself at The Pint Shop/Museum of Ice cream.

 Museum of Ice Cream, NY is a pop up store that retails its own brand of ice cream.  The pop up store also features playful installations that represent the 7 flavors of the ice cream. I had seen pictures of this colorful place on Instagram, and a visit was a must! The colors, installations, and over all ambiance offered a playful vibe that made it the perfect "instagrammable" spot. Plus they were offering free samples too--winning!

 Below are pictures of my fun time at the museum.

The Installations

The Aisles

The Icecream

How deliciously wonderful is the Museum of Ice cream! What do you guys think of the pictures? A fun place to be, right?


  1. wow girl, these pictures are so cute! I love the shopping aisle!

  2. Amazing, the Photos are adorable! Great Outfit. :)

    Happy Weekend

  3. Love the colourful shots, dear! xoxo

  4. Fantastic pictures. This is definitely my kind of place to be, amazing!! You looked beautiful too :) Have a great week ahead x

  5. Pink heaven!!!! How lovely is that place and how beautiful you look!!!