June 20, 2018

Woman in red and stripes

Lately, I have been loving female inspired t shirts. In this post from spring, I am wearing a tee that says "FEMALE", and here, my white sweatshirt says "Woman". And in the spirit of being excessive (lol), I am once again wearing a sweat shirt that says "Woman". 

Here I paired my red "woman" sweatshirt from Boohoo with striped culottes pants that I have had for years ( I think I got them from K&G stores). I wanted to make this simple outfit more interesting, so I added an African print scarf from my store, Chic Therapy Accessories, and...voila! See picture below.

Happy hump day! 

June 01, 2018

Travel Therapy: Rockport, Cape Ann

I have been to tons of coastal cities, but Rockport on Cape Ann in Massachusetts is one of the most charming seaside town I have ever visited. The rugged cliffs, sandy beach and picturesque landscapes,   made it the perfect peaceful getaway that I was craving. Now, lets talk about the colorful buildings! Never ever have I encountered so many brightly colored structures. Everywhere I turned, there was a splash of vibrant hue to welcome me. I couldn't get enough of this town, and I definitely would visit again someday. Check out my seaside adventure below.


At the top of my itinerary was Motif Number 1. I had read that this  fishing shack located on Bradley Wharf) is "the most painted building in America", and of course I had to stop by to see for myself.

How picturesque is this?

While it may look like an ordinary fishing shack, this little red shack is the most painted building in the world and people flock in year round to see it and it has become an icon of this New England town.

I did a brief stint at Front Beach and just took in the cool breeze and people watched. 

Off I went to Straitsmouth Island, a small island famous for its  lighthouse. I didnt make it to the lighthouse, but I caught a glimpse from afar.

Bear Skin Neck by the ocean is the main street in Rockport. It boasts of so many antique stores, quaint structures, gift shops, and a myriad of ice cream store. Yes, Ice cream! I visited in April so the nice cool ocean breeze was definitely a nice feel as I popped in and out of the shops
On a street off Bear Skin Neck, I found this really cool building with cute mailboxes--how charming!
The exterior of an art gallery off of Bear Skin Neck
Just a sea of colorful building on Bear Skin Neck

How cute is this ice cream shop?
Fudgery, Rockport, MA

Of course I had to  fill my belly with some yummy sweet treats

Soon I veered off Bear Skin Neck into Tuna Wharf  and found more picturesque scenes to take in. I came across so many objects that were indicative of a seaside fishing Village

The colors in these bouys are amazing!

This guy photobombed my photo, but he matched perfectly with the background #Winning.

Soon it was time to leave this perfect town, and on my way to go catch a train, I came across more colorful buildings, and of course snap!snap!

Definitely no shortage of color in this town. Did you guys enjoy seeing Rockport through my eyes? Please leave me a comment and let me know.

Happy weekend.