October 31, 2017

Something Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness

If you follow my blog, you'll know that each year I try to do a "something pink" post for breast cancer awareness month. And as today is the last day of October, there is no better time to refresh our minds and keep some important breast cancer facts top of mind.

Below is an infographic with factoids about this awful disease. What stood out to me is that this year alone, more that 40,000 women and 400 men will die from breast cancer! We have all heard this, but allow me to reiterate it, early detection saves lives! Please visit breastcancer.org to find out the risk factors and the steps you can take to detect breast cancer early.

This year my something pink is this soft pink makeup look and fuschia sweater I am rocking below. 
Remember guys, early detection save lives. Have a lovely day!

October 26, 2017

Travel Therapy: Barcelona, Spain Part 2

Hi all, this is my very first post in the month of October! I know, I know...quite shameful. Today I am concluding my Spanish adventures in the wonderful city of Barcelona (see part 1 here). The final part highlights my last day in my most favorite European city. I was fatigued from the last few days of tourist activity, and since I had one more European city to tour before heading back to the States,  my travel buddy and I decided to to take it easy and calmly enjoy the last day in Barcelona.

The day started with these photos in the courtyard of the apartment we stayed in. Gothic Quarters also known as Barri Gòtic is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Barcelona. With its narrow streets and medieval landmarks, it was the perfect place for me to call home, even if only for a few days.  
After  my photo session, my travel buddy and I headed to one of the restaurants in our apartment building for a final breakfast in Barcelona
Spanish pastries
After breakfast we headed to Parc Guell to explore Antonio Guadi's colorful wonderland. However, we encountered a mammoth crowd, so we settled for pictures outside the ticketed park area and headed on our way.
Definitely not as dangerous as it looks. The ground was only 2 feet below on both sides.
Had we explored the interior of Parc Guell, we would have experienced this magic!. Source

Once we were done at Parc Guell, we headed off to explore Gràcia district, the neighborhood the park is situated.
Photo op in front of  a squat house and old guard post, Kasa de la Muntanya.
How colorful is this Gràcia district street?
Can you tell I am fascinated by the colorful buildings!
When the wall matches your coat.

Soon after, we made our way to Plaça Catalunyaa large square in  the heart of Barcelona. The plaza is a busy place and a major transportation and shopping hub.
Made some new birdie friends at Plaza Catalunya :-)
Came across these colorfully dressed gypsy beggars

My travel buddy was heading back to Switzerland, so we said our goodbyes and I went off to explore Arc de Triomf
How beautiful is this palm tree lined square
Came across this colorful floor map of Barcelona, and of course *snap, *snap

Montjuic mountain and Jardins de Miramar was my next port of call. The Montjuic mountain is a hill with an amazing view of Barcelona. It overlooks the city harbor and also houses the Miramar Garden. I arrived at the hill at a very good time and I was able to see the sun set over Barcelona. 

Amazing view of the sun setting over the city
The Harbor
Miramar Gardens
Giant cactus at Miramar Gardens

After a brief stint at Jardins de Miramar, I headed to the Magic Fountain which is also situated at the end of Montjuïc mountain.
Font Màgica/Montjuïc Magic Fountain--what an amazing sight

The main fountain, 
Font Màgica

There is a light show every evening, but I didn't wait for it

Entertained by this street performer while people watching at the Magic fountain

Then hopped on a tour bus as my ticket from the day before was still valid. We drove by Poble Espanyol,an open-air architectural museum.
Camp nouthe home stadium of FC Barcelona soccer team was one of the sights I encountered on the drive back to Gothic Quarters.

The day ended with paella(soggy:/) for dinner and yummy pistachio/strawberry cheesecake ice cream and creme brulee for desert. With that, my adventures in Barcelona came to a delightful end.
Ha!ha...not to worry locals, I am on my way outta your city

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed seeing Barcelona through my eyes. Do you guys have any trips coming up soon, or are you just back from a trip? Where did you go and what was your experience? Please share with me in the comment box. Hope to hear from you.