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Party like it's 1999!

The 90s- the greatest era ever! From music, to fashion, and even slangs, the 90s was totally rad! As a nod to this era, my friends and I decided to host a 90s themed party last summer. From crop tops to hot pants, lumber jack shirts to chokers, everyone was dressed to nines (pun intended!). 

One of the highlights of the party was a DIY photo booth wall that I set up. With the fun and colorful props, the photo wall had everyone posing and clicking away. Because my camera was stationary for most of the night, I was not able to catch a lot of the non-posed action. However, I caught some live video action at the beginning of the party. See below.  


I came through with the silver lipstick and fake beauty mole that plagued the late nineties
She said she was Carrie Bradshaw from 1998--lol

Aaliyah came through y'all!

Miss Kay came dressed as Patra, the Jamaican dancehall singer from the early to mid 90s
Chilling with Patra
Selfie time
Look, we even had Nigerian candy from way back

Live action!

That's all folks. Have a great weekend


  1. What a Great party idea and it appears FUN was the order of the night. I love the party duds. Say hello to Patra for me, she was Big back then and I loved her raunchy tunes. Enjoy!

  2. Complete with butter mint and tom tom! Wow this looks very fun. I love it!

  3. Such a cool party... amazing pics!
    Kisses, Paola.

  4. wow what a great idea! Looks like so much fun, lovin' all the outfits. Carrie Bradshaw lol

  5. Got to love the 90's! Your party looks like so much fun :)

  6. Amazing party ! Hope you had a great time ! Kisses :)

  7. Have a great week ahead beautiful.

  8. Everything about the 90s was LIT!!!!

    your pics look so live! you all definitely had a great time!!


  9. Mi sembra che vi siete divertiti molto.


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