February 11, 2017

Charlotte, NC: NODA, UpTown, and lots of colorful walls

 When I travel out of state for weddings or any other functions, I make it a point of duty to explore the city. After paying for a flight and hotel, it is not enough for me to only attend the event I came for. I want to get my money's worth and see other parts of the city too. So last summer, when I had the opportunity to visit North Carolina for a family function, I immediately started making plans to maximize the time I had in Charlotte. I only had about 36 hours and I wasn't able to see a lot, but I had fun with the little that I saw. 

I touched down in North Carolina at about noon, and after getting our rental and checking into the hotel, a stroll in streets of Uptown Charlotte followed.

There are many cool wall paintings in Uptown Charlotte and this smiling face was the first one I posed with
Then did my thing with Elvis
My tush may not be as big, but thought i'd imitate this pretty wall painting ;)

Soon it was lunch time, and we headed to Epic Centre to get our grub on
Admiring my bangles while waiting for lunch. Available at Chic Therapy Store
Cocktails are always a good idea

After cocktails and enchiladas at Vida Cantina, I freshened up at the hotel and headed on out to go party with my family

Ended the fun family gathering with a dab session
The next morning, my cousin and I hit the eclectic and artsy neighborhood of North Davidson (NoDa).  Although we got there too early, we were able to soak  some vibe of the historic arts district
Color! There was color everywhere in NoDa 
Red + Blue = Purple

How cute :-)
Definitely no shortage of color in NoDa
Then we came across this cool wall mural

On our way back to Uptown Charlotte, on North Tryon St, we came across this color block wall, and of course I jumped out of the car to take some shots.

How fun is this wall

Have a great weekend guys!