January 12, 2017

Lately on IG : Lipsticks, fros, print, flowers et all

What have I been up to? My instagram says it all.
Big hair dont care
My favorite new hairstyle 
Wicked with with a dash of yellow
Pink n print
Experimenting a lot with colored hair these days and loving my new lipstick, Saturday by ColorPop

TBT to this birthday photoshoot I photographed
Brooklyn, NY
Flowers and prints
New hurr
Album cover goals or nah?
It's begining to look a lot like winter  :(

South Station, Boston
Red lippies and high buns
Beacon Hill
Dressing room chronicles ( I still regret not buying this dress)
Pistachio ice cream, anyone?
Shorts are in order when you have good weather for one day
Fro and vamp lippies
TBT to Christmas 2015
Au naturale...kinda
Theater district, Boston
Red, Blue, fro
Nandos is always a good idea. DuPont Circle, DC
Charles River Esplanade
New hurr and vamp lips
Winter on the plaza

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Happy new week chicas.

January 02, 2017

Lagos left overs

Hey guys, so I blogged here, here, and here about my trip to my home city Lagos, Nigeria last year. I hadn't been home in over 4 years and I had plans to maximize the time I had.

 The fashion industry in Nigeria has witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years, and one of my mission was to explore the local fashion. I had also missed eating Nigerian food, so  I made a list of everything I wanted to eat. Fortunately, I was able to check off 99% of the items on my list.

Below is a mish mash of some of the things I got up to in Lagos, Nigeria. Enjoy!

There'd been a major hype about Alara Lagos, and I had to pop in to explore the exhibition style retail space. As expected, the products had steep price points, and I was gobsmacked when I found a Jewel by Lisa dress for one million naira--yup! See for yourself below.
Fell in love with this ankara umbrella by South African based designer, Babatunde
The front design   
The side design
Cute retail set up
Gorgeous, gorgeous pieces
The one million naira dress by Lisa Folawiyo
See for yourself!
The umbrella was definitely my favorite item in the store

I ran into an old friend from the States and her co worker at Alara

Ginger Tapas and Grill is a fusion restaurant that serves African and Mediterranean cuisine. I was pleasantly surprised by the yummy and somewhat affordable food.
The Zaza cocktail was just what I needed after a hectic Lagos week
My friend  ordered this yummy grilled fish. I got the asun (spicy goat) and coconut rice
Mo taking a picture of her ginger oxtail and coconut rice
Bee is picky with food and orders wings everywhere we go. That night was not an exception. Boo!

My friend Nikky and I being silly at the Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki
Sleep over at Nikky's

Laces Boutique, Victoria Island was one of the few places I could shop at without breaking the bank. There was a major sale too, and I was able to cop a few African print pieces.
I copped a number of pieces including a dress that I wore here
My cousin copped a few items as well
Back at Alara with my cousin

Keke Marwa moment on Toyin Str Ikeja
I look so happy to be in a tuk-tuk

Then the high school friends came visiting
We had a blast being silly

Out to run errands
Ever so colorful Balogun Market
A view of  Lagos

Some of the things I got to eat
Zobo sorbet from Hans & Rene, V.I was delicious, but the agbalumo flavor which I really wanted was sold out :(
Agbalumo was one of the things I had been craving, and it was proving difficult to find as it was out of season. However, you can imagine my delight when at Balogun Market, I came across my beloved fruit 
Yay, agbalumo!
I had to get a fix of nkwobi at CMD
I look so content and happy with my nkowbi
White House in Sabo, Yaba  is my favorite buka, and I hit the joint couple of times for some yummy gbegiri and amala
Glover Court, Ikoyi's suya was my go-to "snack"

These pictures have been in my draft for a while, and I am glad I finally got the chance to share them with you. I hope you enjoyed seeing Lagos through my eyes. Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Happy New Year