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Lately on IG : Lipsticks, fros, print, flowers et all

What have I been up to? My instagram says it all. Big hair dont care My favorite new hairstyle  Wicked with with a dash of yellow Pink n print Experimenting a lot with colored hair these days and loving my new lipstick, Saturday by ColorPop

TBT to this birthday photoshoot I photographed Brooklyn, NY Flowers and prints New hurr

Lagos left overs

Hey guys, so I blogged here, here, and here about my trip to my home city Lagos, Nigeria last year. I hadn't been home in over 4 years and I had plans to maximize the time I had.
 The fashion industry in Nigeria has witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years, and one of my mission was to explore the local fashion. I had also missed eating Nigerian food, so  I made a list of everything I wanted to eat. Fortunately, I was able to check off 99% of the items on my list.
Below is a mish mash of some of the things I got up to in Lagos, Nigeria. Enjoy!
There'd been a major hype about Alara Lagos, and I had to pop in to explore the exhibition style retail space. As expected, the products had steep price points, and I was gobsmacked when I found a Jewel by Lisa dress for one million naira--yup! See for yourself below. The side design Cute retail set up The one million naira dress by Lisa Folawiyo See for yourself!