December 09, 2016

Birthday shoot: Roses, tulle, leather and a lot of pink

Last year's birthday shoot was all about balloons 🎈 and vibrant colors. This year's  shoot had a lil bit of tulle, leather, and pink and burgundy roses. Because I was too impatient to find someone to take the pictures, I went through the herculean task of  shooting myself! It certainly was no easy feat and below are my tongue-in-cheek tips and tricks for taking your birthday pictures when you can't find your tripod and you are too impatient to wait for someone to help you.

1. Look for a nice spot in the yard
2. Use safety and bobby pins to attach Dollar Tree roses to the shrubs that is to be your background
3.  Drag a table outside and use any stable object to raise your camera to the right height (in my case, a bucket and two hardcover books)
4. Grab a rusty garden stool and sit (the tulle is bound to become a victim of the rustiness)
5. Drape over your skirt,  the 4 yards of tulle fabric you got for $0.98 per yard. Yeah, its not a real tulle skirt. It is just draped over a skirt of the same color
6. Grab the fake bouquet of plastic roses you found in the house
7. Grab your camera's remote control, smile, and click. You'll have to be quick so you can hide the remote before the shutter goes off. Better still, just drop the remote in the grass!

... and, voila, fun birthday pictures! :-)

...and oh, do not attempt to set up your photo shoot space in your heels. You might just end up faced down in the grass. I learned the hard way. Lol!

Happy weekend chicas.