September 17, 2016

Travel Therapy: Provincetown, Cape Cod

 After my trip to Martha's Vineyard two summers ago (post here), I vowed to visit a different Cape Cod town every summer. However, summer 2015 was packed and I couldn't make it down to the Cape as planned. Then came summer 2016, and my friend Bee who was visiting from Nigeria agreed that a visit to Provincetown, Cape Cod was a must... whoop!

One of the most notable spots in Cape Cod, P- Town is a small seaside town with lovely beaches, lively streets, colorful nightclubs and art galleries. P-Town offers a diverse choice of activities, and Bee and I were able to enjoy our time there by partaking in different activities at various points of the trip. Below is what we got up to in this perfect vacay spot!
While waiting for the ferry to P-Town, we got pooped on by a bird.  This is my angry bird face!
Yay! We are here
We started out by walking the pier and making our way to Commercial street, which houses most of the restaurants and shops
Commercial street was bustling with so much tourist activity
We encountered so many colorful buildings
 This one in particular caught my eye
More colors on Commercial Street
A giant hersey for!
Pizza, sushi, anyone?
Perhaps the sign will turn to ice cream if I stare long enough
My travel buddy Bee, defying gravity with her
I thought this backdrop was interesting
Yes, I am a happy camper
Oooh, yellow stripes! Count me in
More "colorfulness"
Oooh cute abs, house
I had my first lobster roll ever!
Then my friend Bee rented a bicycle, and I went off to the beach
Soaking in the view at East End beach
How picturesque
How cute is this beach house?
When I was done at the beach, I headed off to East End Gallery District
Interesting art work
I thought the Governor Bradford Restaurant was so pretty
Pilgrims monument was built to commemorate "The Pilgrims’ first landing in the New World"

While, the morning started with bird poop, the evening ended on a beautiful note with this pretty sunset.

Hope you enjoyed my Province Town adventures. Have a great weekend!

September 09, 2016

Black 'n Yellow

I own a bunch of Yellow eye shadows, but I am usually hesitant to use them, as they are overly bright and tend to look a tad janky. However, when I was learning to perfect my gele (head tie)skills the other day, I noticed the yellow in my top and decided to experiment with my BH cosmetics yellow eye shadow. Since the yellow was highly pigmented, I kept the rest of the eyes minimal by using a light orange shade as a transition color. I also ditched the black eye shadow that I usually use for a smokey effect, and opted for a brown shade. To offset the bright yellow, I lined my bottom lid with the darkest eye pencil I could find. I kept the lips toned down with a light mauve color and lined them with a dark brown and red pencil...and voila, the final look!

What do you guys think of this look? Please let me know what you think in the comment section. Have a great weekend.
Eyeshadows: yellow shade and transition color by BH Cosmetics 
Brow bone: Honeypot from Toofaced Cosmetics natural eye palette
Foundation and powder: Loreal Promatte in Cocoa |  Highlight: LAGirl Cosmetics , Fawn and Ben Nye Banana Powder 
 Lipstick: blushing mauve by Revlon

September 05, 2016

Wedding Guest: Summer Florals

I recently attended a wedding as a guest and a vendor. The bride asked me to do the bridesmaids makeup, and while I was a little hesitant, I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to hone my makeup skills. 

For my outfit, I donned on a floral dress that I absolutely hated! I have mentioned several times that I am not a big fan of florals, but when the dress I was ordered online was delivered, It was two sizes too big, and I had to hit the mall at the last minute to find a replacement. As some of you may have noticed, I have gained a considerable amount of weight, and nothing I tried on seemed to work. After hitting several stores, I had to make do with this floral chiffon dress, as it was the only outfit that I felt hid my problem areas.

Like I mentioned, I was the make up artist for the bridesmaids, and the bride wanted a soft neural look for her girls. It was no easy feat dolling up 6 faces, but I pushed through and the girls loved their look. Below are highlights from the day. Enjoy!

Inner corner: Random pink in Forever 21 Quad palette & MAC Cosmetics pigment in rose | Outer corner:" I'm into it" by MAC Cosmetics, BHS "eyes on the 70s" palette, Transition color, Inglot AMC 50

Lips: Latte Confession by LA Splash cosmetics, Trap by ColorPop, & Supernatural by Revlon

Girls in florals :-)

Her gorgeous fascinator caught my eyes
Selfie time
My fave drink, Midori sour made an appearance :-)
The girls I dolled up

The Pre-Wedding Party
Turn up time

That's all folks. Have a great week.