May 04, 2016

That "bloggerish" look

Hi Chicas,

Just sharing pictures I took on Saturday. According to my sister, the outfit made me look very "bloggerish"-- side eye to the sis :-). My brother on the other hand, was wondering where the rest of my dress! To be honest, I am not quite sure if it is a top or a dress, but I copped it for $10 at H&M--whoop, whoop!
The picture quality isn't too great as they were taken with my phone, but just thought I'd do a blog update and post something real quick .

Happy hump day guys.


  1. Lovely, the very first picture is so nice!

  2. Oh's the bloggerish look

  3. Siblings, gotta love them. I like the pairing of the boots with the dress. It's giving me a very Coachella type vibe. Maybe that's what your sis meant :) Take care.

  4. This style is just perfect ! I love your dress. Kisses :)

  5. Haha! That's something my boyfriend would say "bloggerish"! I think it's cute! I really like the hat!