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Lipstick diaries:LA girl matte gloss

Hey chicas, today I am bringing you a swatch of the liquid lipsticks from LA Girl cosmetics.
 These lippies which only cost $3.99 each, are from the Matte Pigment Gloss collection. With the low price, one would expect  substandard quality, but these bad boys are comparable to  some of the higher priced brands I own. The staying power is above average, and you'll only need to reapply a little product to your inner lip rim after a meal. The ease of application and removal also won me over. I have had some unpleasant experiences with other brands (read about my experience with LA Splash Cosmetics here), but these lippies are totally drama free when applying and taking them off.
In all, I am satisfied with these lippies, and backstage which is my absolute favorite of the collection, is my go-to lippy when I want a subtle vamp look.  Peep the swatches below.  Have you guys tried lippies from this collection? Which is your favorite color? Please leave me a comment, and let me know your th…

Pink, florals, cobalt blue, carousel, and other weekend stories...

Hi all, hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend? Here is what I got up to this weekend

Travel Therapy: Istanbul, Turkey (Part II)

Today I am taking you on the second part of my Turkish adventure in Istanbul (see part 1 here).When I decided I was going to travel through Istanbul to Barcelona, my parents were a bit apprehensive because of the twin bombing incidents that had occurred in the Turkish capital of Ankara the month before. I go by the mantra, YOLO, so I was not in the least worried. My dad was very anxious and he went with me to the airport and waited till I went through TSA.

Once I touched down in Istanbul and headed out of the airport, I felt a bit uneasy as all eyes were on me. I did not understand why I was getting so many stares, till I remembered my sister telling me that black folks were rare in that part of the world. Usually I’d take the train to my hotel, but my nerves had kicked in, and I did not have the confidence to be on public transportation in a place where I was a subject of interest.

The taxi driver and the staff at the hotel were very nice, and soon my fears were put to rest. The people…