March 27, 2016

Lately on Instagram

What have I been up to? My Instagram @Chic_Therapy says it all. 

High buns and blue mascara
A compilation of dark lippies I own

When popsicles and sneakers collide
Dark lippies and curls
Getting my hair check  for Tonkabelle's hair challenge
New lippies from MAC
Which way to go? Flash back to Parc Bastion, Geneva
Caught the #sunrise a few moments before landing in Munich, Germany for a layover
Quick selfie before heading out to work in Copenhagen
The yummiest craw fish etouffe ever
Brights on a rainy day
Smokey eyes and pale lips
Sunday cocktails
Soft eyes, dark lippes
Notre Dame Basilica, Paris

Throw back to Geneva

Stripes and dark lips

That's all folks. Happy Easter.

March 23, 2016

Lagos tales in a red lace top and navy linen pants

Started out the day in Lekki, after a sleepover at my friend's, Knicksomatic. 
I love Nigerian literature, so I headed to the bookstores at Ojuelegba to pick up some new books, as well as old time favorites. From Ojuelegba I made my way to the newly renovated Tejuosho market
My friend, Mo met up with me at Tejuosho market at 12pm. We spent most of our time in this African artifact store
How cool is this wooden sculpture? 

A drum with pink strings! Sign me up already

Drum fun

I wasn't planning to buy fabrics here, as I had bought some at Balogun market the day before, but this store had so many gorgeous prints, I just had to cop a few. Mo on the other hand, bought the entire store!Lol

When we were done at the market, I headed back to Lekki to meet up with a friend at a froyo place called Sweet Kiwi

I hadn't seen E in over 9 years, so it was great catching up

All smiles after my cocoyam froyo

Of course I had to pose for a few shots

When we were done, Mo and I headed to TerraKulture in VI to meet up with some other friends for lunch

Mrs G whom I hadn't seen in 15 years joined us here. We had kept her waiting for over an hour and she wanted us to get to lunch immediately

Started with fish pepper soup
...and then I had REAL pounded yam! Am I the only one that gets annoyed when people call those packaged yam flour things pounded yam? Pounded yam, is exactly what it is-- yam that's been pounded!

Vee just became a published author, and it was nice seeing her book on the shelf at Terrakulture's bookstore

Girls just wanna have fun

At about 6:30 PM, Mo and I left the group and headed to Hans and Rene. Here we met up with my friend, Tboy. Hans and Rene is an ice cream shop, and despite my refusal, Tboy insisted I had some ice cream. At this point, I was extremely stuffed, but my friend was intent on punishing me with tiramisu gelato :-(

After the ice cream, we drove down to Churrasco to have drinks. Dang! Nigerian cocktails are potent! 
That glass full of alcohol definitely got me tired!
Soon after, I parted ways with Mo and Tboy, and went off to yet another meet up. 
I headed to Oniru to catch up with my cousin, and at about 11pm we decided we wanted suya (meat that's been grilled on an open fire). If you have never had suya, you have not lived! 
Glover Court in Ikoyi has the bestest suya, so we drove down there to indulge in some grilled goodness. Even though I was stuffed up from all that I had eaten all day, I made sure to create some space for the suya. I had been longing for suya for over 5 years, and there was no way I was not going to satisfy my craving.

It was a great day, and it was awesome catching up with everyone. However, the highlight of my day was the suya (sorry friends and cousin).

Thanks for stopping by my blog guys, and taking the time to read about my Lagos adventure. Here's hoping you have a fantastic day.

March 18, 2016

A print headwrap, dark lips, & smokey teal eyes

Hey guys, have you noticed that my makeup posts are frequent these days? At the beginning of the year, I decided I wanted to get better with makeup application, and I challenged my self to create a look every Saturday using a different technique. This look is from two Saturdays ago, and my challenge here was to use a different combination of shadows for my outer V and crease, instead of  the typical brown shade I use.

 To achieve a different than usual crease and outer V color, I used an orange and red shade in my crease, and a mixture of purple and black for the outer V. Thought not visible, the orange and red contributed to making the outer V of my lid look plumy. 

I really loved this look, and I thought a print scarf and jumbo size earring from my online store, Chic Therapy Accessories would complete the look. All products used are listed below. 

Face: Foundation: Nars Luminous foundation in Benares| Powder- MAC Mineralize skin finish in deep dark | Highlight: LAGirl Cosmetics concealer in warm honey and Ben Nye banana powder |  Blush- red matte shadow #382 | Honey pot shade from Too Faced Cosmetics natural eye palette

Eyeshadow: Inner corner-Cobalt blue shade from House  of Tara Oseken palette| Outer corner- Black & purple shade from BH Cosmetics Eyes on the 70s palette | Transition color: Inglot--red matte shadow #382 & orange in amc 51 | Brow Bone- Honey pot shade from Too Faced Cosmetics natural eye palette 
Lips: Coloured Raine-Roulette & Mary
That's all folks. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this look. 

Have a fabulous weekend.