February 05, 2016


Hi all, hope everyone’s week has been great so far. Today's blog post features Mariama Bramble of BrownBelle. I have silently followed her blog for a few years, and I thought she'd be the perfect blogger to kick start this year's blogger style feature. Apart from her dope style and amazing natural tresses, Mariama is a creative entrepreneur and is the brain behind a fabulous line of quirky bowties. Here is what Mariam had to say about herself and blog.

Mariama says:
A little about me, I am a creator, nurturer, and problem solver. I’m the one that all my friends come to with questions about everything from food & style to sex. I love to help people, create unique vibrant spaces, and eat well. I just don’t like to spend all day doing it. A stylish life can be had simply.

Brownbelle.com is a resource for food, home, and style inspiration. Follow me on snapchat (brownbelle1) for a look at my process. I like to cook live a lot on snapchat and share tips that have improved my life in some way.

Check out Mariama below
...and her accessories and shoes slay as well

Mariam's make up and hair game is on point too!

Fab fab style! Can you see why I absolutely love her?


  1. Wow, you're the queen of colors, great colorful style babe!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  2. She has great style! I love how she incorporates prints & colors into her outfits. Thank you for sharing :D x


    1. Thank you, I love me some color!

  3. Absolute perfection! Every single one of those pictures!

  4. You really know how to combine your colours perfectly, and i love the pictures , you look great in all of them.


  5. Her looks are amazing! She has a great mix of vibrant colors incorporated into her style!


  6. She is stunning and bold in her choices.


  7. I love when bloggers interview other bloggers! And now I get to be introduced to two great blogs--yours and hers! What amazing style! I think I Pinned almost all of these looks! I love the colors and that menswear inspired look is amazing! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and for visiting my blog!

  8. She is beautiful and stylish; I like her use of colors and she does stand out in a good way.

  9. She is a beautiful lady, I like how she oozes confidence in every photograph.

    From one angle, I can see a small resemblance with Berry Dakara. :-)