December 09, 2016

Birthday shoot: Roses, tulle, leather and a lot of pink

Last year's birthday shoot was all about balloons 🎈 and vibrant colors. This year's  shoot had a lil bit of tulle, leather, and pink and burgundy roses. Because I was too impatient to find someone to take the pictures, I went through the herculean task of  shooting myself! It certainly was no easy feat and below are my tongue-in-cheek tips and tricks for taking your birthday pictures when you can't find your tripod and you are too impatient to wait for someone to help you.

1. Look for a nice spot in the yard
2. Use safety and bobby pins to attach Dollar Tree roses to the shrubs that is to be your background
3.  Drag a table outside and use any stable object to raise your camera to the right height (in my case, a bucket and two hardcover books)
4. Grab a rusty garden stool and sit (the tulle is bound to become a victim of the rustiness)
5. Drape over your skirt,  the 4 yards of tulle fabric you got for $0.98 per yard. Yeah, its not a real tulle skirt. It is just draped over a skirt of the same color
6. Grab the fake bouquet of plastic roses you found in the house
7. Grab your camera's remote control, smile, and click. You'll have to be quick so you can hide the remote before the shutter goes off. Better still, just drop the remote in the grass!

... and, voila, fun birthday pictures! :-)

...and oh, do not attempt to set up your photo shoot space in your heels. You might just end up faced down in the grass. I learned the hard way. Lol!

Happy weekend chicas.

November 30, 2016

Vamp lips, green walls, and yellow lines

Hi chicas, hope you all had a great thanksgiving. Mine was a bit quiet this year. For the past few years, I have been maximizing the thanksgiving holiday and travelling out of the country, but this year things were a bit different and I stayed local (sorta). I ended up at a friend's house and had an epic meal. I had anticipated being over stuffed, so I wore a loose top from Primark. After my second helping, my meticulously tucked in top had to be released from the shackles of my skinny jeans-lol! Below are the pictures I took before heading over for thanksgiving dinner.

That's all folks, I hope you got to stuff your face as much as I did.

Happy hump day.

November 22, 2016

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

If you follow my travel posts, you know that I am sucker for vibrant buildings and old-fashioned aesthetic. Knowing how obsessed I am with quaint towns, my cousin suggested I visit Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

 True to his words, this city which is on the Potomac river and home to first president of the United States, George Washington offered a heavy dose of quaint gorgeousness! My time there was spent perusing the lovely cobble streets and seeking out interesting buildings. 

While Old Town Alexandria is a beautiful  place, I wouldn't advice anyone to fly in from any part of the world just to see this town. It is a really small town and there isn't much to do. However, if you are visiting Washington DC, it wouldnt hurt to hop on the metro to explore this charming town for a few hours.

Below are the beautiful  sights I encoutered on my two-day visit. Enjoy...
There is a free trolley that runs down the major commercial street, King Street. I hopped on it all the way to the Potomac River waterfront
Potomac River Water front
Few things are more gorgeous than a sunset on a river.
Selfie time
Yellow brick wall
How pretty are these homes!
Prettiest front door ever
Fall leaves and cobblestone roads

The framing of this street with the trees is just perfect
Mint condition 
More colorful goodness
Back at the water front on day 2
Just an interesting alley way
Pretty sign and fall leaves
...and of course yummy cupcakes to end an amazing day.

That's all folks. Hope you enjoyed my little adventure in Old Town Alexandria. 
Have a great thanksgiving.

November 11, 2016

Kelly: Island Chic

Hey guys, it's been a while I had a fashionista style feature, and I thought I'd end this week with a feature from a fab style blogger, Kelly. A New York based style blogger and mom, Kelly is the brain behind Island Chic 77. From girly to edgy, to sleek and uber chic, Kelly's style is a force to reckon with. Here is what the fashionista had to say about her style.

Kelly says:

Growing up I've always loved fashion. As a little girl my mom would fix my hair and I would complain if she combed it in the same style twice in a row. When I came to the states and started working in the fashion district I began experimenting with different fashion trends, mixing high end with low end clothes. I decided to start a fashion blog since women were constantly stopping me inquiring about what I was wearing. This was the best decision I ever made, because ever since that day I found my happy place. 

As a fashion editor/blogger I definitely try to be authentic as possible. I would say my style is a reflection of my mood and personality. It's definitely a combination of feminine and edgy. It's so necessary to have your own sense of style especially when there are so many bloggers doing the same thing.I honestly love what I do;and although I'm inspired everyday by other female bloggers, I always make the look my own. I never just pile on trends. I make sure I stay true to my overall style, which is what separates me and why I believe my followers keep coming back.
How chic is she! Her coat game is to die for and I absolutely love her short hair do. 

Are you guys loving Kelly as much as I am? Please leave a comment below and let me know. Have a fab weekend.