December 02, 2015

Lipstick Diaries: Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip

“Hi, my name is Chic Therapy and I am addicted to lipsticks, and NO I do not need rehab”. 

Today’s post features review and swatches of liquid lipsticks from Colour Pop Ultra Matte lip collection. Here are my thoughts on these lippies.

Staying Power: When it comes to longevity, these lippies are totally great. They do not transfer ,and you need not worry about the constant touch up that come with most lipsticks. They last all day and dry matte, so be sure to apply a lip balm before applying the product( I use Carmex or Aquaphor)

Cost: These babies cost $6 a pop (they are currently on sale for $4.80). With a low price point that does not eat too deep into the pocket, you can get as many shades as you want and experiment with them.

Application: Off the 6 shades I purchased, limbo and tulle, which are my favorite shades are the only ones that apply flawlessly. The others seem to have a streaky and patchy formular, and the product balls up when a fresh coat is applied on top of the previous. Because of this, It is crucial to get an even application in one swipe. Another trick is applying a new coat only when the former is dry. 

Color: Tulle and limbo are perfect on me, but highball, succulent, trap, and Mars give off a chalky vibe. To me, they resemble the poster color an artist would use for a painting. Beause of this dried out chalky look, I sometimes dab a little gloss over them.

Removal Process: You’ll need baby wipes/ make up remover to get rid of these, as they cannot be wiped off with tissue alone.

In all, this brand isn't too shabby. With the exception of tulle and limbo, I will not be repurchasing any of the lip colors.

 Below are the swatches. Let me know what you think.

Tulle: Light brown with pink undertones (Love it)

Limbo: Dark Brown (great nude for my chocolate skin)
Trap: Grayish-baby pink color ( Hate it!)
Highball: Bright fuchsia
Mars: Dark pink with red tones

Succulent: Redish orange color
All 6 shades

That's all folks! Have you guys purchased any lippies from Colour Pop? Do you think you will be trying this brand? Let me know what your.thoughts are. Happy hump day. 


  1. All the shades are beautiful and they look good on you but I absolutely love the "Highball, Mars and Succulent" shades the best. They are so lovely.

  2. I have eyes for just limbo!!The rest I probably have close dupes of.I particularly love brown lippies.

  3. They all look good on you, all trap needs is some lip gloss.

  4. Beautiful lipsticks and swatches!

  5. Beautiful colors! I really like the look of Trap :)

  6. Lovely colors. You are very pretty :)

  7. I wished I loved coloured pop, I have a few of their colors Trap is a fav but it streaks:( I am finally getting my hands on Raine Fever, hooray!

    1. I am not a big fan of all color pop products. The formula of some of the lippies are just awful.