December 07, 2015

Birthday, colorful balloons , a maxi skirt, and a cuddly pup

Party time! After I took birthday pictures of my girl, Ara (see post here), I decided I was going to do to a balloon birthday shoot too. I am not a fan of my birthday, but this year, I chose to deviate from the norm and celebrate me ( 

 The shoot took place way after my birthday, and by the time I found a scapegoat someone to take the pictures, it was already November and the weather was a tad chilly. I really wanted to wear a short, girly outfit, but because of the cold, I opted for a knit off-shoulder top and a maxi skirt. This post contains lots of pictures, so I am going to keep it short and let you guys get to the pictures. 

Here goes...
I walked into this warehouse,and was so scared someone would call the cops and have me arrested for trespassing
Met the cuddliest dog ever. Her name is Willow.
“Those who don't jump will never fly.” ― Leena Ahmad Almashat, 
Then I took the party to my room :-)

I hope your week is as fun and colorful as these balloons. 


  1. Lovely pictures!!! You look beautiful.

  2. Happy birthday in arrears and the skirt is beautiful!!
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  3. I love your outfit and the colors of the balloons, they complement each other nicely!

  4. So many gorgeous colors! I love that pop of yellow!

  5. Happy b-day doll!
    Totally obsessed with your yellow skirt!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  6. How awesome are these photos:) And that skirt...I super love the colour.

  7. those colors yes!!!!

  8. Love this post it reminds me a lot of the miss dior ad. Balloons are so much fun to shoot with and really add something special to the look. Love your style too!

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  9. Happy belated birthday dear, hope the ''scape goat ' isn't reading this though

  10. Definitely think it was a great idea for you to do this shoot. I love the balloons, especially how nicely they work with your outfit. Gorgeous top!

  11. Great colourful pictures!

  12. Mellow Yellow! It's undeniably the happiest colour on Earth. :-)

    I had a big smile on my face looking at the photographs, the balloons were the perfect prop for this theme.

    Ah! You look 50 shades of stunning. The black off-shoulder top adds demure-sexy glamour to the outfit.

    Happy belated birthday, I wish you the very best of blessings.

  13. Love this colourful post! Your outfit is perfect.

  14. Love the yellow and black combo! I need your sweater in my closet, lol. Looked like a fun shoot:-)

  15. Love the sweater. You looked so good. Please watch