November 17, 2015

Blanket scarf + peplum hemline skirt in Midtown, Manhattan

Yellow flowers to the right, pink flowers to the left

The lights from Times Square are calling
It's only proper I pose in front of a New York city yellow cab
Perfect night for a blanket scarf
Shoes:  Kate Spade| Top: Primark | Skirt: Rainbow

Peace and love from Times Square, NY

November 12, 2015

Lately on Instagram

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Waiting for 5pm like... Btw, ankara bangles available at @chictherapyaccessories
Hello New York

#Throwback to that time that I dyed my wig green. Maybe I'll try again when I take out my braids

#Flashback to this bathroom moment with my girl @bibikaylan . I think the eyes on the wall weirded me out
#Throwback to catching the bouquet at my bffs #wedding in#Glasgow #Scotland
T'was a #vampylips kinda Friday.Rocking two shades of#liquidlipsticks : @colouredRaine in#RaineFever and @LAgirlcosmetics in#backstage

#Makeup free week again. Not everyday make up, sometimes#aunaturale . #eyebrowssonotonfleek

It's full blown winter out here

It's Tuesday. We trying to get the hustle on...but first, where is the train? #trainstationshenanigans

#Fallleaves are the prettiest

I read #ChinuaAchebe's #ThingsFallApart at least once a year, and each time, I tear up at Ikemefuna's ill-fated demise

Red lippies in full effect

Tried on what I thought was a gorgeous coat. It looked chic unbuttoned, but was quite boxy buttoned up. The coat got me looking like Spongebob's long-lost sister. 

Had to get my ceviche fix

Fronichles--Throwback to these #Fro looks
#lunchbreak. #windowshop#mirrorselfie #lunchtime

Mirror Selfie

#Flashback to 1999. Chubby af, but content and happy hanging out with my dog Ruby and her puppies.  

Lots of interesting #contemporaryart at #SOWA 

That's all folks. Have a fab Thursday.

November 05, 2015

Smoked purple

T’was a quiet Sunday afternoon. The kind that was devoid of activity. The silence of the day was deafening and the boredom was killing Chic Therapy. Though she had nowhere to go, she reached for the one thing that made her happy—makeup! She played gleefully in her pots of colors and shimmer, and cooked up quite a storm. Several moments later her face was all bright and warm with a smoked purple makeup look

Foundation:LOrealTrueMatchLuminousFoundation in Nut Brown/Cocoa | Powder: #MacMineralizeSkinFinish in deep dark | Blush and highlighter:#Ellentracy bronzing trio. 
Inner eyeshadow: Forever21 pink/gold baked eyeshadow |  Brown bone and crease: toofaced Natural matte palette | Purple and Black shade: #BHcosmetic 70s
 LAGirlCosmetics matte liquid lipstick in in timelss Revlon UltraHDLipLacquer in Petalite

There are two sets of pictures in the post, and you may notice a difference between the two. The first three solo pictures were captured with my DSLR camera.These pictures  are more realistic and closely depict what the makeup and my skin really looked like at that point. The second set of picture (the last three & titled collage), were taken with my phone camera. My phone camera always blurs the skin, thus making it look extremely perfect.  

Hope you all liked this make up look. It's one of the few makeup looks that I love wholeheartedly . Please leave your comment below and let me know what you think. Enjoy the rest of the week.

November 02, 2015

Halloween in Salem Witch Village

Sadly, another Monday is here *insert sad face*, but I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween weekend. Did you guys get to do any fun stuff? As for me I visited Salem Witch Village with a bunch of friends.

Salem is a city in North Shore, Massachusetts, and because of the 1692 witch trials, it is known as the Halloween hotspot of America. I’d always wanted to visit, and I thought Halloween would be the perfect time. Asides, pushing and shoving my way through 70,000 tourists (yes you heard right), my time there was spookily fun. I visited two haunted houses, rode a Ferris wheel (remind me to never do this again!), and had the best cheese fries ever! I also had a great time people watching and observing some of the creative costumes. 

A lot of the outfits were fascinating, and you could tell that a considerable amount of effort was put into these costumes. I on the other hand, took the easy route and "dressed up” as a bunny. Well, bunny ears and bowtie count as a costume, right?

Below are pictures of my time in Salem. Have a fantastic week guys.
Happy Bunny

That's all folks. Have a great week