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Fall into Grid

Yesterday was a beautiful day! Asides the early afternoon showers, the weather was ideal for a summer outfit. Since the sun was out, I decided to wear this grid pattern dress that I did not get a chance to rock in the summer. The leaves were bright and pretty, and I fit right in with my vibrant cobalt blue bag and citrine colored open toe sandals. Look how my shoes blend in with the greenish yellow leaves-- sheer coincidence!
Here is hoping you have a colorful and productive week.

Silvery Green

Hi all,
Happy humpday! Today's post is a makeup look I created in July. It was one of those days that I felt like being dolled up, and I decided to play around with green eyeshadow. While, I love the vibrant shimmery green and silver shades on my eyelids, I totally dislike the golden/yellow brow bone highlight.
Aside from the heavy use of the highlight color on my brow bone, I should not have dragged it all the way to the merge with the shadows on the lids. In retrospect, a transition color should have been used to show a subtle demarcation between the brow bone highlight and the lid colors. Oh well, still thought I'd share the look.
Enjoy the rest of the week!

Travel Therapy: My first solo travel experience --Montreal, Quebec

Traveling alone was something I never thought I'd ever do. With my non-existing sense of direction, I always felt that  companionship was absolutely necessary.
However, last thanksgiving, I decided to ditch the usual family gathering and capitalize on the 4-day weekend and go explore the French-speaking city of Montreal. The trip was a last minute plan, and I knew finding a travel buddy would be hard. More so, it was thanksgiving weekend, and most people had already made plans. So there it was, I was traveling solo for the first time. 

Montreal was absolutely amazing, and the trip is my best travel experience yet. Below are pictures with blurbs of my solo adventure in this beautiful city.

Look who found love in Montreal

Travelling alone was more fun than I anticipated. However, I panicked a tad bit when I got to Montreal. 
For some reason I became extremely nervous and couldn’t function for the first 15 minutes after my arrival. I had saved directions from the train station to my hotel…

Gingham, Plaid, and Flared Jeans

According to the fashion gods, flared jeans/wide-leg pants are fall 2015's biggest trend. And while every fashion outlet reinforced that this was a must-have item, I was not on board with the trend. In my opinion, flared jeans are not versatile like skinny jeans. One needs the right pair of shoes with the right heel height to make the look work. During the week I am a fuss-free dresser and outfits that require a lot of effort do not fit into my everyday wardrobe. However, two weeks ago I was window shopping when I came across a pair of flared jeans. I decided to try it just for the heck of it, and was pleasantly surprised at the perfection of the length and fit.
I was so excited by my new find that I rocked it to work the very next day. I gave it a rest the following day, but found myself reaching for it throughout the weekend. Below is how I rocked it two Sundays ago.

Jean: Primark|Purse:Kate Spade| Shirt: Marshalls| Jackett:Macy's

What do you guys think of this trend? Are …

Big hair dont care + Red and Denim

Just an outfit I rocked over the summer. 

Happy Thursday chicas!