October 26, 2015

Fall into Grid

Yesterday was a beautiful day! Asides the early afternoon showers, the weather was ideal for a summer outfit. Since the sun was out, I decided to wear this grid pattern dress that I did not get a chance to rock in the summer. The leaves were bright and pretty, and I fit right in with my vibrant cobalt blue bag and citrine colored open toe sandals. Look how my shoes blend in with the greenish yellow leaves-- sheer coincidence!
Here is hoping you have a colorful and productive week.

Dress: TJ Maxx | Purse: Kate Spade Saturday

October 22, 2015

Silvery Green

Hi all,

Happy humpday! Today's post is a makeup look I created in July. It was one of those days that I felt like being dolled up, and I decided to play around with green eyeshadow. While, I love the vibrant shimmery green and silver shades on my eyelids, I totally dislike the golden/yellow brow bone highlight.

Aside from the heavy use of the highlight color on my brow bone, I should not have dragged it all the way to the merge with the shadows on the lids. In retrospect, a transition color should have been used to show a subtle demarcation between the brow bone highlight and the lid colors. Oh well, still thought I'd share the look.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Face: Foundation- LOreal TrueMatch Luminous Foundation in Nut Brown and Cocoa | Powder-Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in deep dark. Blush & Bronzer: Ellen Tracy Bronzing Trio

 Eyes: Green shade: BHCosmetics--70s eyeshadow palette | Silver shade: Ellen Tracy baked eyeshadow--Midnight Palette | Dark Shade: Toofaced--Natural matte palette
 Lips: LaSplash Cosmetics matte liquid lipstick in ravenclaw and inflamed 
Goofing off

October 19, 2015

Travel Therapy: My first solo travel experience --Montreal, Quebec

Traveling alone was something I never thought I'd ever do. With my non-existing sense of direction, I always felt that  companionship was absolutely necessary.

However, last thanksgiving, I decided to ditch the usual family gathering and capitalize on the 4-day weekend and go explore the French-speaking city of Montreal. The trip was a last minute plan, and I knew finding a travel buddy would be hard. More so, it was thanksgiving weekend, and most people had already made plans. So there it was, I was traveling solo for the first time. 

Montreal was absolutely amazing, and the trip is my best travel experience yet. Below are pictures with blurbs of my solo adventure in this beautiful city.

Look who found love in Montreal

Travelling alone was more fun than I anticipated. However, I panicked a tad bit when I got to Montreal. 
For some reason I became extremely nervous and couldn’t function for the first 15 minutes after my arrival. I had saved directions from the train station to my hotel, but for some reason, I suddenly became discombobulated and I started to freak out. I sat down for few minutes, calmed myself, took a deep breath, and then found a policeman who gave me clear and concise direction. 
Getting to my hotel was a breeze, and once I checked in and freshened up, I went off to explore Montreal.

Love sculpture in Vieux Montreal

Since I was nervous about embarking on this trip myself, I planned all my activities in advance. I even looked up directions of all the sites I was going to be visiting and printed out and saved screenshots of the said directions. 
Because I was going to be alone, I did not want to appear lost and make it obvious that I was a lone tourist.
Hotel  room selfie
Place Jacques-Cartier Square

Asides from safety, my other concern was finding someone to take pictures of me with my DSLR camera(yes I am that vain). Luckily I own a gorilla pod(tripod), and  I brought it along with me. For the most part, people were nice, and helped out whenever I asked for pictures. However, the gorilla pod gave me the freedom to take as many shots as I wanted.

Montreal Clock Tower (Tour de l'Horloge) in Old Port of Montreal in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The pros of solo travels are vast, and the no 1 advantage is freedom! The fact that I could do things in my own time and on my terms was extremely liberating. I could visit the sites I wanted, eat in the restaurants of my preference, and chill in my room alone!

Travelling alone also helped me be independent. I was alone and did not have time to second guess myself.
McGill University 

It may sound cheesy, but there was also a level of self discovery that I achieved on this trip. It was calming, peaceful and soothing and this led to me getting to know myself better.

The Illuminated Crowd by Franco-British artist, Raymond Mason. The expressions on the sculptures are extremely life-like!

I was also able to immerse myself in the city. Since I didn't have a companion to talk to nor distract me, the only focus was exploring the city.

Since travelling to Montreal alone, I have done three lone trips and I have two upcoming ones before the year runs out

Olympic Park - Parc olympique de Montréal

Embracing solo travelling means I no longer have to wait on friends who usually say "no" at the last minute. I now have the confidence to just pick up and jet anywhere.
Goofing off at the 1976 Summer Olympics stadium

How gorgeous is the frozen river at Old port of Montreal


Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal

With love from Notre-Dame Basillica
Cloudy skies in Vieux Montreal
I love how the tree branches frame the statue
I thought this restaurant was cute
I walked down Saint Paul Street, and took a picture of this signage

China Town gate
Stopped for some spicy prawn soup in China Town

I am obsessed with signage, lamp posts, and, old architecture, and I was excited to capture all three in a single photo
View of Montreal from Mount Royal, Monteregian Hills
Marché Bonsecours

So what do you guys think of solo travelling? Have you ever done it, or do you think you have the courage to embark on one? Please leave your comments below. 

Have a fab week.

October 12, 2015

Gingham, Plaid, and Flared Jeans

According to the fashion gods, flared jeans/wide-leg pants are fall 2015's biggest trend. And while every fashion outlet reinforced that this was a must-have item, I was not on board with the trend. In my opinion, flared jeans are not versatile like skinny jeans. One needs the right pair of shoes with the right heel height to make the look work. During the week I am a fuss-free dresser and outfits that require a lot of effort do not fit into my everyday wardrobe. However, two weeks ago I was window shopping when I came across a pair of flared jeans. I decided to try it just for the heck of it, and was pleasantly surprised at the perfection of the length and fit.

I was so excited by my new find that I rocked it to work the very next day. I gave it a rest the following day, but found myself reaching for it throughout the weekend. Below is how I rocked it two Sundays ago.

Jean: Primark|Purse:Kate Spade| Shirt: Marshalls| Jackett:Macy's

What do you guys think of this trend? Are you currently rocking flared jeans or will you be trying it out?