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Wedding Guest: Pink lace & Taffeta

It was a summer of weddings, and it was an all pink affair at the last summer wedding I attended. Pics below. Have a fab week guys.

Travel Therapy: Amsterdam + how to travel the world on a small budget

In 2013 I made a vow to be more adventurous and travel as much as I could. As we all know, travelling is very expensive, and the fact that I hadn’t yet won the lottery or met a rich Arabian prince meant I had to be very creative with my budget. Despite financial limitations, I was able to visit 14 new cities in 2014 alone (7 countries). Read on if you’d like to learn tips and tricks to help you fly on a small budget.(Tips are under the first few pictures)
I hope you guys find these tips helpful. Below are pictures from my short stay in Amsterdam--enjoy!

 I amsterdam sign at  Museumplein area

Tip 1-Pay for a plane ticket to one city and take the train/bus to nearby cities: Last spring, I spent some time in Europe and visited multiples cities. Before I bought a plane ticket from the US to Europe, I had done a research on the proximity of certain European countries from each other. I flew into Geneva from the US and spent 3-4 days exploring Switzerland. Paris which was one of my must-go des…

Pink Overdose

Summer is over, and because I did not get a chance to wear my pink flower crown, I decided to do a photoshoot with my gorgeus headband. By "photoshoot", I mean setting my camera on a tripod and shooting away in the comfort of my bedroom--lol. 
Since the headbad was pink, I opted for a spring make up look and chose to wear soft pink eyeshadow, pink lipstick, and even a pink top. Pictures are below, and products used to achieve this look are listed as well. 
Happy Thursday!
Face- FOundation:BMPro Oil free Foundation in Dark Coffee | Powder: MAC  Mineralized skin finsh in Deep Dark | Blush: MAC in Ambering rose | Highlight: LA Girl concealer in Warm Honey & Ben Nye Banana Powder
Eyes- Eyeshadow: Forever 21  baked eyeshadow|Mascara: e.l.f. Lengthening & Defining Mascara | Eyeliner: e.l.f. Black Waterproof Eyeliner 

That's all folks! Enjoy the rest of the week.

Wedding Guest: Red and Black

The tale of the JCrew Shorts

I was window shopping a few months when I came across this pair of jacquard print short at Jcrew. I immediately fell in love with the color --Neon Persimmon, the big pockets, and the structured silhouette. I instinctively grabbed a size 10 and went home with my new find.

As much as I love clothes, I am very frugal, and spending almost $70 on a pair of shorts does not in anyway fit into my budget. So I convinced myself that the I did not need the shorts and I took it back for a refund. 

A few weeks later, I went to my pharmacy which happened to be in a mall, and I decided to stop at JCrew to just "browse" (yeah, like that ever works). Lo and behold, the shorts were on sale for $20! At the register, there was a further discount and I paid a total of $12.49!! At that point, I knew the fashion gods were smiling down at me and wanted me to have the shorts. 

 Below is how I rocked it to a cook out the very next day.

Happy humpday chicas!

Greacian goddess, Martin Luther King Jnr Historical Site, Atlanta et al

I attended a wedding in Atlanta this past weekend. Since I had never been to the Peach State I set aside some time to sight see. Martin Luther King Historical site was a must -do on my list, and the morning before the wedding, I visited the district.

It was indeed surreal visiting Ebenezer Baptist Church, the place where MLK grew up and gave many speeches. As luck would have it, I caught a live reenactment of one of his speeches at the church. I also checked out the freedom hall which houses many of MLKs memorabilia, and I got goose bumps by just looking at the actual clothing this iconic freedom fighter wore!
I wish I had more time to spend in the MLK Jnr. Historical Site, but I had to  rush off to take the preparatory pictures of the bride (hopefully she'll let me share them on the blog ).

Below are the pictures I took. Enjoy...

Have a fabulous day chicas!