July 30, 2015

Cobalt blue & champagne eye make up

Today's post is a make up look I wore to a wedding few weeks ago. The bottom part of my dress (worn here) was metallic navy blue, and I decided to compliment the outfit with blue eye makeup. Because I was pressed for time, I opted for my basic make up technique; neutral color in inner corner of eyes, bright color in the middle,and brown shadow on the outer part corner. 
I wasn't able blend the shadow as much as I would have wanted, but I think overall, the look came out okay. Products used are listed below. 

Have a fab day.

Face- Concealer: Mac NW 45 | Foundation" Loreal ultra Matte in cocoa | Powder: Loreal Infallible in cocoa | Blush: Ellen Tracy Bronzing Trio

Eyes-- Shadows: Blue: Lisi in Hawaiian Blue, Champagne & brown color: Too face faced neutral palette | Lashes: Max Studio

Lip: Lip Liner: NYC brown liner in #922 | Lip color: LA SPlash cosmetics Liquid lipstick in Latte Confession

July 27, 2015

Mesh panel jumpsuit and pretty girls

Hat: H&M |Sandals:Target |Purse: Kate Spade Saturday  | Jumpsuit: K&G Fashion 
Opted for neutral make up. Face: Mac Matchmaster (8.5) and Revlon Colorstay in Capucinno. Eye: Loreal hip duo in Flared, BH cosmetics, and Too faced neutral palette  Lips: LA Splash liquid lipstick in Latte Confession. 
can you tell we had a blast?

July 20, 2015

Lipstick diaries: LA Splash Cosmetics

Matte liquid lipstickS are my latest obsession, and few months ago, my friend introduced me to LA Splash cosmetics. I purchased products from the Lip Couture and Smitten LipTint Mousse collection. The line ranges from $11-$14, so they aren't exactly dirt cheap. However, they are long-lasting, so you are definitely getting a bang for your bucks. As you can see from my pictures below, they come in tons of fun colors. From nudes to vibrant shades, there's a color for everyone. 

 While these liquid lipsticks are available in tons of gorgeous shades, they are not without flaws. I purchased 5 of these lipsticks, and they all have different consistencies. Inflamed (red), Alice (purplish-pink), and Raven Claw (deep dark brown) are three colors that go on the lips flawlessly. However, Forbidden (fuchsia) is the exact opposite. It has a tacky consistency that makes it hard to evenly spread the product across the lips. The product becomes sticky and balls up when applying a second coat. Latte Confession which is my favorite color also comes with its own fault. While it is not sticky like Forbidden, it does not apply on smoothly. I have to apply it in layers, and wait for the previous coat to COMPLETELY dry before applying the next. 

 The long-lasting nature of these lipsticks is both a blessing and a curse. The true test of the durability was when I was I had lobsters while rocking one of these lippies (Inflamed). Eating lobsters is cumbersome, and a regular lipstick would not survive this meal. However, my LA Splash lipstick did not budge—even after a lobster fest! On the other hand, the implication for this enduring lipstick is that it is hard to remove. I usually take off my matte lipsticks with sheabutter or baby oil. But even with these oil based products, I still have to vigorously scrub my lips to completely get rid of the lipstick.

My Verdict: Would I repurchase these lippies again? I don't think so! Even with the awesome colors, I just cannot stand how time consuming it is to apply some of the shades. If the consistencies of the “faulty” products are changed, then I will definitely purchase more colors. But not knowing which lipstick will pan out well serves as a deterrent for now.

Below are the colors I got. What do you think think? 
Latte Confession
Raven Claw


Anyone tried this brand? Let me know what your experience has been.

Have a fabulous week.

July 11, 2015

Life on Instagram

Digging this lippie "backstage" from LA Girl matte liquid lipstick collection
Bored while waiting for the train, so I decided to take selfies
At a gold and black themed part I attended with a friend
Photo exhibition with Dammy of Will Work for Airmiles
Taking in the scene at Rowes Wharf
The red target wall is always a great backdrop
A view of Boston from a wedding venue
I have a thing for hats now
Monday morning selfies
Fashionistas in matching print trouser/blazer ensembles
Bought this interesting shoes from ASOS. Unfortunately, had to send them back as they were a tad small
Photographed this dapper fella a few weeks ago
Pink in the midst of neutrals
Have an amazing weekend, and dont forget to check me out on instagram @Chic_Therapy

July 09, 2015

Travel Therapy: A day in London

I was in London a while back for one night. I have visited several times, so I wasnt too bummed out by the little time I had there. I visited friends and got to play tourist in the West End. My friend Yaya who blogs over at Handluggage Only was kind to host me in his fab apartment which has the most amazing view of London (fancy seeing the London eye right from your living room!). I didn't get to take much picture, plus my computer crashed last month and I lost 90% of all my pictures!! I am trying hard not to think about it--sigh! Anyway, here are some memories of the 24 hours I spent in London.
On the London Underground--Bakerloo Line
Trafalgar Square
Leicester Square
With Yaya from HandLuggage only
The obligatory telephone box picture
Fooling around in M&M World, Leicester Square
Underground sign at Canary Wharf
 London Bridge underground
Regent Street
Night view of London from Yaya's apartment

 Meet up with my dear friend at Canary Wharf
 Even though I only only 24 hours, I  had to get my fix of Nandos! Gosh, I love the peri peri chicken!
Picadilly Circus
Enjoy the rest of the week guys.