May 20, 2015

Print pants, paint nite & graffiti wall

Hi all, Hope everyone's been having a great week so far? Mine has been blah, but I am glad that the memories of this past weekend still put a smile on my face. 
So my girl Bibi is visiting from Nigeria and had mentioned about a million times that she wanted to go vintage hunting. My plan was to take her to the stores and NOT buy anything for myself, but I ended up with a bag full of gorgeous vintage/thrift finds--story of my life! After shopping, we wandered around the city, took pictures and ended up at a Paint Nite party. The party was a blast and I think I gained 10lbs from nibbling on yummy yum appetizers. 
 Below are the pictures--enjoy!

...and Bibi caught the Kate Spade bug too.She got the same cobalt blue bag that I own (Great minds think alike)
Because thrift shopping is a lot of fun
We made a stop at Graffiti Alley, and of course a photo session ensued.
How cool is this?

Don't you just love the colors bursting from the Graffiti Alley?
We also attended a paint nite event. We had a good time and had so much fun jamming to 90s music
Champagne time!
Cupcake overdose
Fun times!

And oh, thanks to Bibi for hooking me up with this lovely ankara pants. Happy hump day chicas!

May 13, 2015

Plaid Uniform

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you'll know that I am obsessed with blazers. Blazers are very easy to style, and I find myself wearing them all the time! At this point, I think I own about 25 blazers, and I believe I have them in every color there is on this planet!
I work in a very casual environment and 95% of the time I wear skinny jeans. However, I like to look a tad professional, so I usually throw on a blazer to achieve a "business casual" style.
The pictures below were taken after work sometime last month. The sun was still up and I thought to take some pictures for the blog. I call this "Plaid Uniform" because blazers are pretty much a uniform for me, and of course the "plaid" is for the blanket scarf wrapped around my neck.

Bag: Kate Spade Saturday | Shoes: Ann taylor | Jeans: H&M | Tshirt: OldNavy  | Blazer: Thrifted