February 24, 2015

Bur Dubai: Textile Souk

Typically when I travel, I tend to stay away from places and experiences that I can get here in the United States. However, Dubai which is mainly known for its tall fancy building and luxurious lifestyle, offered very little of a unique experience. Also being an international/expatriate city, it was hard to get a true taste of the indigenous Arab culture.
However, a trip to the Textile Souk in Bur (old) Dubai provided a bit of the local culture I was yearning for. To get to the Textile souk, we had to get on an Abra boat ride (which only cost 1 dirham). The boat which had no railings offered no security whatsoever! Despite my safety concerns, I enjoyed the boat ride, and my buddy and I even made friends with one of the locals.
My time at the Textile Souk was awesome. The market was filled with so many gorgeous fabrics (definitely a fashionista’s haven). Haggling with the traders reminded me so much of the markets back in my hometown of Lagos. After strolling down hallways of the sand-colored buildings, and copping a few items, we called it a day and headed back to the glamorous parts of Dubai.
Below are pictures, I hope you enjoy them.

Ankara Pants& Bangle by Chic Therapy| Tee:Old Navy|Sandals:Target
An Abra boat (Water taxi)
Our boat driver was such a sport
Our new friend

Hello new friend

It was such a beautiful day in Dubai

Checking out the traditional beaded flats
Coconut drink for a beautiful day
We checked out some spices, and the chicken masala spice smelled so gooood!

So many Jalabiyas to choose from

How gorgeous are these throw pillows

Should I get this pink? (I ended up with the blue one in this post)

This shop attendant was a riot! We had so much fun in his shop--good times!

                    That's all folks. Have a great week!

February 09, 2015

Glittered pink

 Products used

Eyes: Inner corner- Wet&Wild in Groupie & Lorel hip duo in Sculpted| OuterV-Toofaced neutral palette:Eyepencil-Upper lid: Black Radiance| Lower lid: Ulta pencil in Deep black matte
Face: Revlon Color stay foundation in Cappucino| Iman pressed powder| Blush: Mac-Ambering Rose
Lips: Revlon lipstick in Mink & lipgloss in Supernatural

February 04, 2015

Maxi at the mosque

This post is a continuation of my Dubai trip and it features my visit to the Jumeirah Mosque. The mosque was one of the top sights on my to-do list and I had also planned to take the mosque tour and learn about the religion and customs of the UAE. However, my friend and I arrived late for the tour and were not allowed access into the mosque. Not one to waste an outfit, I figured we might as well make most of the time and take pictures in the beaded jalabiya we had purchased the night before. Here goes...