January 26, 2015

Denim, blue & Yellow

I was in New York this past weekend, and although it was wet and slushy, I couldn't help but rock my new metallic blue pumps and yellow flared skirt. It was just one of those outfits that I had styled in my head and was going to execute regardless of the weather.
During the day, It wasn't too cold in Brooklyn (where I spent most of my time) and I was comfortable wearing a short skirt. However, temperatures dropped in the evening and I was super thankful for the pair of leggings that I grabbed just before I bolted out of the door. Anyway, here are the outfit pictures I took.
Have a fab week chicas.
Skirt & shirt: H&M | Bag: Kate Spade Saturday| Shoes:Go Jane

January 14, 2015

Travel Therapy: Florence, Italy (Firenze)

I was in Rome last year, and with Florence only an hour away by train, my friend and I decided to take a day trip there. My time in Florence was chilled and although I didn't get to do much, I was able to soak in some of the charm of the beautiful city. I most definitely have to go back to Florence. Next time I visit, I'll plan to spend a few days and enjoy all the wonders the city has to offer. But until then I'll relieve the memory through these pictures.
The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore( Il Duomo di Firenze/ Florence Cathedral)
A view of the Cathedral from down below
A peek at beautiful Firenze
Taken from the bell tower
More of Florence
The cross on the dome of the cathedral
The bell at the Giotto’s Campanile 
Ankara print clad mannequins and visual designs at the luxury store, Luisa Via Roma 
Leather goods at the street market

Don't you just love the yellow walls with the blue accents?
I was gobsmacked by this talented street artist
Aren't these street restaurants amazing?
A beautiful view of Ponte Vecchio
Stopping to catch my breath as I make my way to the top of the bell tower
Micheal Angelo's " The Deposition" or "Florence Pietà" at the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo

January 12, 2015

An up do, a high neck & pops of blue

Hi all,
 First things first--Happy new year! Can you guys believe it's 2015? It so surreal as it seems like it was only yesterday I was putting up my first 2014 post. Oh well, 2015 is here and I must get with the program. 

Today's post is a make up look I did over the weekend. I am self conscious of my chubby cheeks, and to make them less pronounced, I usually let my hair down . However, this weekend, I decided to do something different and pull my hair away from face. I had seen a hair style that I wanted replicate, but after several attempts and still not been able to mirror the style, I gave up and ended up with the style posted below. I think it worked out pretty well. What says you?

Eye: Lisi in Hawaiian blue|Too Faced neutral palette|LA Color & Black Radiance eye liner| Cherry Blosson lashes | Wet & Wild mascara
Lips: Mac-Girl about town| Wet & Wild-Vamp It Up
Face: Foundation-LA Girl "Toast"|Powder- Iman| Blush- LA Color "WildFlower" eyeshadow pallette| Bronzer: LA Color

That's all chicas. Have a fab week.