August 25, 2014

Bourbon Street, New Orleans & a lil bit of Baton Rouge

I was in Louisiana this past 4th of July for the Essence music festival. My friends and I flew into Baton Rouge and the plan was to explore the city before driving down to New Orleans (the festival location). On asking our Baton Rouge hotel receptionist what adventures we could get up to, she gave us a ten minutes speech on how awfully boring it was in Baton Rouge, and how we were crazy to think we could have fun there. We decided to still hit the streets, and true to her words, there was absolutely nothing to do in Baton Rouge! We went to the old State Capitol and turned our time there to a mini photo shoot. 

New Orleans on the other hand was bustling with activity, and once we freshened up at our hotel, we headed straight to the French Quarters to stuff our faces with Cajun and Creole cuisine (Etouffe, anyone!). Thereafter, we went to the legendary Bourbon Street. I had heard so much about Bourbon Street, and I was not in any way disappointed. The partying, the street dancing and drinking was epic!

It was a fun day, but I wish I had taken the time to explore the brightly colored creole cottages, and enjoy authentic jazz music.

I will be posting pictures from the music festival but for now enjoy the pictures from my first day in Louisiana!
Top:Express| Shorts:Express|Bag:KateSpade

Baton Rouge street direction
Old Louisiana State Capitol  in BR

Still in Baton Rouge

Bourbon Street, NOLA!

Louis Armstrong Park, French quarters   
So we stopped at the famous Cafe Du Monde for some beignet
and of course we had to get some hand grenades!

That's all folks. Have an amazing week.

August 18, 2014

Travel Therapy: Brussels

Of all the cities I visited during my Europe spring tour, Brussels was my absolute favorite. While I am a sucker for old architecture, I also appreciate contemporary looks, and Brussels offered a perfect blend of traditional and modern. Brussels was the 4th city I visited and by then, I was spent,and was not in anyway interested in exploring museums or cathedrals. We spent most of the time strolling around, people watching and off course stuffing our faces with Belgian ice cream and waffle-YUM! Here are some of the pictures. Enjoy!

A trip to Belgium is not complete without a taste of waffles and icecream

August 15, 2014

Black & yellow

Face: Revlon Color Stay in Capuccino & Iman pressed powder| Eyes:BHS 120 color palette| Lips: Revlon-Mink, Supernatural & Mauvy Night.

Have a fab weekend!

August 11, 2014

DIY: Flower Headband

Flower head bands have been the rave all summer, and this Saturday, I decided to jump on the band wagon and make some for myself. I did not chronicle the steps or take detailed pictures, but this is a very simple DIY project that can be whipped up under 30 minutes. 

All I did was cut the flowers from the stem and glue them to a stretch headband. Lastly, for extra hold, I glued the petals to the headband with round felt pads (this is optional).

...and voila, two new headbands.

All materials are from the dollar store.
This is my favorite of the two and I rocked it out the same day I made it.

The colors are a bit too much—even for a color addict like me. However, it would be perfect for a vacay in Hawaii.'II save it till I make it down there.
Do you guys like this trend? Do you see yourself rocking it before summer is over?

August 04, 2014

Blue Bottoms

Eyes- Inner corner: Body Shop Baked Eye Color(Starlight)| Middle color:Loreal Hip Eyeshadow Duo(Showy)|Outer V- Mac (embark) & LA Color (purple in the Wild flower Palette)Masacara: Dior Black out in #258 Lips- Wet & Wild Noveau pink Face- foundation: Revlon Color Stay (capuccino)|Powder: Iman luxury pressed powder| Blush: MAC Ambering rose