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Ankara Print,High bun, Blazer et al...

I had this top made for me the last time I was in Nigeria. Since my time there was short, the ankara top was sewn in a hurry and I could not have a fitting. I was very disappointed with the finished look and vowed never to wear it . Anyways sometime two weeks ago, I dug out the top and was determined to make it work. However, the tweaking just did not work and I decided to call it a day and wear a blazer over it.
Here goes...

Green, Stripes, Snake Skin!

LOL!! Dress:Taylor via Marshalls|Purse: H & M|Pumps: Go Jane

Looks I Loved this Week

Reese keeps it simple and fresh source You can never go wrong with a simple black dress source

Maroon Sack

I apologize for the bad quality pictures! It is really hard to take good pictures with a broken tripod, while at the same time; your ride is honking and yelling through the phone for you to hurry up! 
Anyway, I saw this dress online and fell in love with the draped details and the rope-style belt. It was on sale for $20.70 and I did not think twice before ordering it. When the dress came in, I showed it to my friend via Skype and he was convinced it was a sleep wear. He kept saying "are you really going to wear this sack like outfit out of your house". Anyhoo...yes, I wore the sack outfit to a 30th birthday party-lol. The dress has a weird Grecian silhouette that I kind of like. I was unsure of the style of shoes to wear, but at the end of the day, I opted for a black closed toe versus the gold open toes heels I was considering.
Once again, I apologize for the horrid quality of the pictures!
Have a great week.

Peace, Smiles & Bows!

I attended a baby shower sometime in April and kept my outfit pretty simple.Since I was wearing dark colors,I decided to don my very adorable (If I may say so myself) pink/purple polka dot bow heels!
Anyway these are the pictures I took before I bolted out of the house.
Bracelets from Chic Therapy Accessories
                                                                 Have a fab week guys!