May 29, 2013

Color Therapy:Yellow

It seems like every summer, I find myself crushing over a specific color. Last year it was cobalt blue and this summer, (if you can call the weather we have been getting summer) I am totally loving yellow. Anytime I am in a store, I find myself gravitating towards this color. I already have so many yellow pieces and I have to consciously stop myself from buying more. I also changed my bedroom color scheme, and my new duvet set and area rug have yellow accents. For now, it’s the color yellow,but  who knows what color I will be digging next year!:-)


The duvet set I got (source)
Are you guys loving any particular color this season?

May 20, 2013

Orange & stripes

This  pic is hilarious!

Giveaway Winner!!!

Drum roll please...the winner of the 3rd Anniversary giveaway is Tashna Downes . All correct entries were numbered and a number was chosen using

Congrats Tashna Downes.Please send your address to me at .

A big thank you to the sponsors @unusual_star,@ChicTherapy1, @OBIAnaturalhair, & @FlowersFFatimaThanks to everyone that participated.Another giveaway coming up soon.
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May 14, 2013

Small Business Highlight:Chic Therapy Accessories

Hey guys, happy Tuesday. The last small business highlight in the giveaway series is, drum roll please....Chic Therapy!


What is your mission?
Chic Therapy is an online store that offers eclectic and fun African textile accessories. We incorporate traditional African fabric with others and create pieces that fit the contemporary lifestyle. It is a celebration of beauty and our vision is to fuse the vivaciousness and eccentricity of African prints into basic, ready to wear pieces.

 Where do you see your businesses in 1 year? 2 years?
Right now, I am making plans to diversify and metamorphose into something bigger. In two years, I want to have broadened my demographics and brand and I want to be an established fashion house.

Who is your target audience?
Chic Therapy primarily targets women age 18-35. However, our audience includes anyone that loves unique and quirky fashion.

 What products do you offer?
My handmade products include necklaces, earrings, brooches, bangles, hair accessories, prêt-à-porter ankara skirts. We also carry vintage apparel.

 What first sparked your interest in the fashion and design industry?
I naturally developed an interest in fashion because I was constantly surrounded by flamboyant and beautifully dressed people while growing up in Nigeria. When, I was younger my mom also had a fashion/tailoring shop and this also heightened my interest.

For the 3rd anniversary Small business highlight giveaway, Chic Therapy will be giving one lucky person the items below.

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Please support Chic Therapy Via the social media links below 

May 10, 2013

Small Business Highlight:Unusual Star Jewelry

Hey Chicas, the next small business highlight in the anniversary giveaway series is Unusual Star Jewelry.Founded by Jewelz, Unusual Star Jewelry is an online store that offers unique ,unusual handcrafted jewelry & accessories. A fashionista with a love for art and unusual items, it was only natural for Jewelz to go into this business. 

 According to Jewelz, her design is for the fashion forward individual, who has a unique sense of style,for the fashionista who sets trends rather than follow them.  Jewelz is a dedicated entrepreneur who plans to own her jewelry/accessories boutique in NYC in the next year or two.

  Unusual Star Jewelry is one of the sponsors of the Chic Therapy 3rd Anniversary giveaway. Jewelz, will be giving one luck lady an accessory from her fab collection.

         Please Support Unusual Star Jewelry via this social media links 
 Instagram - unusual_star

Boss Lady!

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May 09, 2013

Small Business Highlight::Flowers from Fatima

       Hey chicas! The second business feature in the Business Highlight/Giveaway series is an interview with the founder of  Flowers From Fatima.

1. First and last name

       Fatima Spencer        

 2. Where do you see your businesses in 1 year? 2 years?

I am very proud to say that I am already a step closer to my goal of having Flowers From Fatima carried in major retail stores. You can currently find our products in local boutiques, including Beauty By Nature Beauty Supply in North Carolina. In 2 more years, I see Flowers From Fatima as a blossoming brand within the celebrity fashion and entertainment industry.

3. Who is your target audience?

Flowers From Fatima is most popular among brides, women with natural hair, and college girls.

4. What products do you offer?

Flowers From Fatima offers everything from hair flowers to flower crowns. We also offer centerpieces and wedding decor upon request. You can find all of your floral needs at Flowers From Fatima.

5. What first sparked your interest in this industry?

Gardening was my inspiration. My fascination with flowers and fashion began at a very young age.

Boss Lady!

Fatima is one of the Chic Therapy 3rd Anniversary giveaway sponsors, and she will be gifting one lucky girl, a fab hair piece. 
The giveaway item: Double Green Apple PomPom Hair Flower
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For more on Flowers by Fatima, check out the social media links below

May 07, 2013

Small Business Highlight: Obia Natural Hair Care

Hey guys, happy Tuesday. The first small business highlight in the giveaway series is Obia Natural Hair Care.The brain child of Obia Ewah, a US based Nigerian with a dual degree in both Chemistry and Biology, Obia natural hair care is a brand of natural hair products made from pH balanced, non-toxic, and herbal based products. 

According to Obia, she decided to use her expertise as a chemist to create products for herself. Somewhere along the line, it metamorphosed into a bigger venture and Obia Natural Hair care was born. Currently, Obia offer products for men and women and these include His Shampoo Bar, Curl Moisture Cream Curl Enhancing Custard, Curl Hydration Spray, Coconut Shea Shampoo Bar, just to mention a few.

Obia, The founder
 I recently mentioned that I cut my natural hair due to my inability to tend to it daily, well I think Obia may just have solved the problem with their daily curl hydration spray. Once,my hair grows to a decent length, I definitely will be trying out this product. 

As part of my 3rd anniversary/small business giveaway, Obia natural hair care will be gifting one lucky person items (Curl Moisture Cream 4oz,Curl Hydration Spray 8oz,Curl Enhancing Custard 12oz & Coconut Shea Shampoo Bar 4oz) from their hair care range. To win this items please enter the giveaway here. I get so inspired when I see young females stepping out of the box and establishing businesses.

To support and show love to Obia Natural Hair care,visit their social media pages on;

Boss Lady!

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May 06, 2013

3rd Anniversary Giveaway

Hey there chicas,let’s get right down to it.My blog clocked 3 sometime in April and to show my appreciation to you guys, I will be hosting a giveaway.*whoop*

Giveaway Details
For this giveaway, I will be partnering with small businesses like myself. Our lovely sponsors are  Obia Natural Hair care, Flowers From FatimaUnusual Star Jewelry .These lovely ladies will be gifting one lucky person  items from their stores. Like I mentioned last week, the giveaway will have a business focus and through out the week, there will be a business highlight on each of the brands.At the end of the giveaway, one lucky person wins the gifts from all the sponsors.Giveaway runs from May 06 to May 17th 12:00 am EST and is Open to US & Canada residents only.

  To Enter
  • Follow Obia Natural Hair on Twitter & Like the FB page
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  • Leave a comment in the comment section of this post letting me know you have done so!

The Gifts

The first business highlight will follow shortly!Thanks for being  supportive of my blog and business.I really appreciate you all. 

Giveaway is now open. Good luck chicas!