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Hair Rant, Giveaway et al...

Hey Chicas! Howdy, It's been a while, hasn't it? I haven't posted much because I have not had a camera. I am getting a free upgrade from Bestbuy and the new camera gets in today. Whoop!!!!

So in this post, I mentioned that I cut my hair, and everyone I know has been going "why on earth did you cut your hair". Well, when I went natural 4 years ago I was excited and I took really great care of my hair. I was watching natural YouTube vloggers, trying different products, learning the natural hair lingo and all that good stuff. After a while, I got tired of tending to my hair and I lost interest. I know natural hair gurus recommend spritzing the hair with water and using natural oils daily.For me, the daily nurturing was way too tasking  (In Sweet Brown's voice, "aint nobody got time fo dat") . In short, I neglected my hair and it resulted in breakage. Anyway, I cut my hair because it was unhealthy and I really wanted to start afresh. This time around, I am going to find products that work for me and stick to a regiment. *Rant about hair over!

So my blog clocked 3 years April 13th and I will be having a giveaway on Monday, April 29th..YAY! This giveaway will be different as I will be partnering with some small business owners. Being a business owner, I though it'd be great to feature businesses owned by fellow black females. The giveaway will have a business focus and I will be interviewing each of the sponsors. Please visit the blog on Monday for more information.

What do guys think of my short hair?:-)

Happy hump day


  1. OMG , I feel like I wrote this post because this is exactly how I have been feeling about hair. Even yesterday I instagrammed different pictures of short hairstyles I wanted because I am ready to shave it off for the second time. After my weave is off my hair is going away too. You look beautiful plus its just hair it will grow back.

    PS: Happy anniversary

  2. aww.. it looks good.. I just cut mine too lol

  3. Rock it short for a while
    It suits you so well

  4. Happy blog anniversary! Looking good :)

  5. Love your hair!...hmmm! but this post gives me very mixed feelings. just this afternoon I had a chat with a friend that has gone natural about managing and maintaining natural hair, simply because I have been contemplating going natural but the thing is I do not have the patient for the daily preening that natural hair needs, as a result I have been on the fence about making taking that leap, Now your post just made it even more difficult. lol!


  7. Loving the new look CeeTee!!! And loving the giveaway ideas! Brilliant!

  8. Your short hair looks great. And Happy Anniversary! Three years? WOW!!!

  9. Happy anniversary. You look great. I just cut my hair too for the exact same reason. I do not think i will grow mine again as it is just too much work and I find my hair is healthier short. So now I am about wigs wigs wigs.

  10. you still look good. very fresh :D

    shall we follow each other?

    Subscribe on youtube for DIY and fashion videos. I’ts gonna be a lot of fun :D

  11. I just came across your blog and must say,I chopped my hair off a few months ago because i damanged through relaxing and weaves and all sort.



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