December 24, 2012

Wedding Tales

One of my high school bffs got married a while back and I was the maid of honor. The planning process was an interesting one because the bride had no idea what color she wanted neither did she care for a wedding theme.No doubt she wanted a beautiful wedding, but she was more focused on having an organized and seamless event.I finally chose her wedding colors (yellow and gold)and she pretty much let the bridesmaids choose their own outfits.

I had originally ordered a yellow chiffon dress to match the bridesmaids' but when my dress came in, it was 3 sizes big and my tailor thought it'd be easier to sew a new dress than alter the over sized dress.Luckily, I got 75% of my money back from the original retailer and my tailor worked her magic and produced the gold dress I wore in 5 days. The dress was a bit tight but we were in crunch time and I couldn't have it taken out. 

The prep for the wedding was fun except that the night before the big day, the horrors of all horrors happened...I burnt the bride's veil!!!I was ironing it and right before my eyes, the stupid iron (yes, it was the iron's fault) scorched and took a big chunk of the veil. I think I died, went to heaven and came back to earth when I saw the large scorch hole holes made by the iron.The burns were huge and were positioned right in front of the veil.The bride found it hilarious and laughed till tears rolled down her eyes.I on the other hand, was freaking out and partially hyperventilating. She was a good sport and we somehow found a way to patch the veil.We also had to make sure that her bouquet was constantly covering the patch during the ceremony. It was such a relief when the groom finally unveiled her. 
And oh, I did the bride's make up.After burning her veil, she was definitely brave to trust me with her face.

Here are some of the pictures...enjoy!


I also caught the bouquet.I think I am going to give this catching bouquet thing a break.This is my 3rd bouquet!!*hides face in shame*

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That's all folks, have a fantastic Christmas.

December 23, 2012

December 20, 2012

With Love from London

Hi there!Hope everyone is doing great.Things have been hectic for me and right now, I am suffering from a really bad cold and jet lag. So, I was in the UK for most of last week and I spent most of the time in Glasgow, Scotland. On Monday, I flew into London and spent the day meeting up with friends. I was back in the States on Tuesday and had to go back to work immediately. Words can't explain how fatigued and sick I feel right now. The weekend really, can't come soon enough.
Anyways, just thought i'd  drop a quick post before leaving for work this morning.I took these pictures at my friend's apartment in London Bridge. The London Eye was right behind me but the lighting made it impossible to photograph.Hope you enjoy the pictures.See ya soon!

December 05, 2012

How to pick the perfect glasses for your face

Finding a pair of glasses that perfectly fits your face can be a bit of a challenge. The right frame will absolutely upgrade your look, while the wrong frame will most certainly ruin it. With the various frame types and brands available, choosing the right frame can be daunting. To make the task of finding the perfect sunglasses less stressful, we have put together a basic guide to selecting the right pair of glasses for your face:

Pick: Wide, rectangular frames.
Avoid: Round frames

Pick: Oversize or wrap styles.
Avoid: Frames that are too narrow

Pick: Round, cat’s-eye
Avoid: geometric shapes

Pick: Cat’s-eye, round.
Avoid: Overly decorative glasses

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