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Red, Green and Neutral

Hey guys,I was on a mini vacay in Miami and as a certified Miami heat/ Lebron James hater disliker, I was a bit pissed that I was in town the weekend they had just won the NBA championship.To make matters worse, the victory parade went right past our front porch *eyeroll*. In all, Miami was fun and I definitely had a great time. 
These are pictures from my last day in the city.

D.I.Y: Colored Bottles

I had been looking for a way to display my bangles when i saw this bottle idea somewhere online.To add color,I decided to spray paint my bottles so they could serve as a decor for my vanity as well. The spray paints were purchased from Home Depot and cost $3.98-$4.98 each .From gorgeous pastels to neons and even metallics, it was a hard trying to decide which colors to get. After much deliberation, I settled for neon pink, grape and lime.

I think I am going back to the store for the teal and aubergine color, and spray everything in sight, lol. What do you guys think,will you be trying it out?                                     Have a fantastic weekend.

...on the boardwalk

....just thought to share some pictures I took on memorial day.
      Happy hump day :-)

...on the boardwalk

....just thought to share some pictures I took on memorial day.
      Happy hump day :-)

Girl With Curves

I have been visiting Tanesha's blog for about a year and each time, i am awed by her chic and classy style. Tanesha is the queen of 'effortless chic' and i love that her style is relate-able.I was really excited she agreed to be featured here and i had to stop myself from posting every picture on her blog here.Here is what Tanesha had to say about her style.
Tanesha says:
My style is classic with a twist on trend.  I started Girl with Curves as a creative outlet, but it's turned into a mission for change.  I want to change the lives of women through fashion- by showing my fellow curvy girls that you can learn to love the body you're in, dress it beautifully, and be just as fashionable as any other fashionista. Girl with Curves offers outfit inspiration, style and shopping advise to the curvy community.  

            One day i am going to sneak into her closet and steal EVERYTHING!!
Can't get enough of this gorgeousness?check out her blog here

Minku at Terra Kulture

This Saturday - June 16, Minku, the home of hand-made fine leather goods representing a new Nigerian leather-goods aesthetic, would be one of several brands participating in the 1st Lagos Accessories Fair taking place at Terra Kulture on Plot 1376, Tiamiyu Savage, Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island.
Since 2011, Minku has grown a cult-like following whose excitement about the brand comes from the unique combination of leathers with lush linings, like damask and aso-oke.
Saturday would present a rare chance to experience and buy items from the brand, which though also running an online store with worldwide shipping, operates mostly from Spain. Readers can also join the brand on Facebook, where a bag a day would be unveiled in a countdown to Saturday's fair.

Minku at the 1st Lagos Accessories Fair
Venue: Terra Kulture, Plot 1376, Tiamiyu Savage, Off Ahmadu Bello Way, VI
Time: 12 noon to 6pm

Minku web site:
On facebook:


TRUE TARPAN: T-shirt Design Brand Launches Online Collection
True Tarpan, a new T-shirt design brand with byline “Wild ‘N’ Free” has launched its first collection of t-shirt designs which are available online. The launch collection features a variety of futuristic designs and a limited edition Olympic design printed in eco-friendly ink on high quality tees across a variety of sizes, fits and trendy colours. The brand True Tarpan is named for the only species of wild horse still in existence and was established by people who believe that in chasing our dreams, living our dreams and being true to who we are, we can find peace and true freedom. True Tarpan embraces and celebrates the human desire for freedom and independence. Sunky, the in-house designer at True Tarpan has described the collection as “one that gives the customer a true feeling of inspired uniqueness and creativity by epitomizing the independent spirit of the wearer. By printing our designs on t-shirts, we are employing a universal p…

D.I.Y: Sleeves of Color

I was home the other day and decided to embellish a plain tee I'd just bought.What I thought was going to take at most an hour, ended up taking four.This diy was definitely a challenge and the desire to see the finished product kept me from flushing every piece of fabric down the drain.At the end of the day this is what i made.

                                         Enjoy the rest of your weekend chicas.See ya on Monday!