April 26, 2012

Chic Therapy Accessories: Wide Fabric Bangle

It's been cooking for a while and we are pleased to add to our bangle collection, the 'wide fabric bangle'. These wide bangles are the perfect accessory for your summer looks.With a myriad of gorgeous colors and prints, there are lots of options for everyone. 

Check it out

If you want to tap into these gorgeousness, you know what to do...CLICK to Shop.

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April 23, 2012

Peplum Print

I was chilling at home on Saturday afternoon when my friend texted and asked if i wanted to attend a get together with her.I had been itching to wear my ankara peplum top and i thought the party would be a great place to wear it to. My hair gave me a bit of a problem but 10 bobby pins later, i was able to make it look presentable.
It was a great evening and i was glad i made it through the cha cha slide in my 5.75 inch heels.

                                                                  Have a fab week .

April 20, 2012

Testing Testing: Canon T2i

 Hullo guys, I am sorry for abandoning the blog. Things have been hectic but i promise to be back with regular outfit posts. So the good news is, i got a new DSLR camera, Canon T2i...whoop!whoop. I think i prefer it to the Nikon D5000 i previously owned.Compared to my old DSLR, it is light in weight and you really do not have to do much to get decent pictures. 

Below are the first official pictures taken with the Canon.With time, i'll figure out the settings and i will be able to take better pictures.Enjoy...

...and oh, last week was the blog's 2nd year anniversary.YAY!Chic Therapy is 2.

That's all folks. Have a glamazing weekend

April 09, 2012

My Neon Yellow Satchel

I had been dying to get my hands on a neon yellow satchel but was uwilling to cough up $200 for the Cambridge satchel i wanted (See post here). Then this past Tuesday, i walked into target and behold, i saw a satchel in the color i'd always wanted. With just two of the satchels left on the rack,I instinctively grabbed one and ran off to pay for it. 

The target version is made by Mondani and does not in anyway match up to the quality of the Cambridge satchel. The Cambridge satchel has a rigid structure and you can immediately tell it is made of high quality materials. The target satchel is much softer in texture and i had to stuff the front pocket to give it some structure.I love the color, the adjustable strap and the inside pockets.It is a good size and it adequately houses everything i carry in my everyday bag. The bag cost only $24.99 and i am loving it.

Source                                                                                           Source 

My satchel and I on Saturday.
Polka dot & neon yellow shoe clip by Chic Therapy Accessories(this is sold out at the moment but there are other colors and designs)
I seem to blend well with the background
I thought the window display was a bit creepy.The teddy bear heads look so sad :-(
I just bought myself a body form so i was pretty excited when i saw one outside a store

There was some costume convention going on

The church of Christ,Science  is such an amazing structure

I looked a big mess after getting my hair  wet.It was fun though

Fooling around
I loved the jewel toned colors on the duck's face
Bag:Target,Flats:Brass Plum via Nordstrom,Shoeclip: Chic Therapy Accessories ,Pants: TJ Max or Marshals, Jacket:Via Spiga via Lord & Taylor, Blouse: F21,Pins & Badges: Chic Therapy ,Uncultured Persons & Autism Speaks

That's all folks, have a fantastic week.