March 27, 2012

Black Friday

 Before you judge the quality of these pictures (lol), i'll have you know that i have not had a DSLR camera for a while now.For most of this year, I  have been updating the blog with my crappy point and shoot camera and the result = dreadful pictures.

Anyway I wore this all black ensemble to a get together on Friday evening.I was just getting back from work and did not have the energy to dress fancy(plus it was a small, simple event).I added the necklace for a pop of color and... voila!!!
lol @ my weird smile

That's all folks.Enjoy the rest of the week

March 23, 2012

Color FĂȘte

I love that neon,pastels and sherbet hues are a huge trend this season.It's not like i need fashion experts to give me the go ahead to rock colorful hues, but it's pretty exciting to see these delightful colors everywhere.

Here is a collage of pretty colorful things.

love these vibrant clutches 

Aren't these bangles yummy
Awesomely bright necklaces!Me likey.
I want every single  flat here!

Omg, it is going to be an insanely colorful spring/summer.I can't wait!

What do you guys think of the colorful trend this summer?

Have a great weekend .

March 21, 2012

Green Coincidence

This past Sunday, i was out about the city with couple friends.The plan was to wear the purple maxi skirt i had made for myself earlier in the week but i changed my mind and wore my green blazer.
I got to the train station and was confused for a second when saw green everywhere.I had remembered it was St Patrick's day the day before but had totally forgotten the parade was that Sunday.Being that I live in a very Irish city, everyone had some form of green on them.I had people smile at me in camaraderie and i smiled right back :-). Did any of you guys wear green over the weekend?

Happy hump day chicas

March 19, 2012

Sprung in Pink

I know spring officially begins on March 20... but hey, its warm out there already.Welcome to spring.Booyah!

The top is one of my thrift  finds

                                 Skirt used to belong to my mom...see post here

                                                                   Have a fantastic week

March 14, 2012

The Thrifted Purple Blazer

For couple months,I had been feeling the urge to go thrift shopping and i gave in three weeks ago. I was specifically looking for a purple blazer and I lucked out when i found one for $3 (yes, $3) at the second thrift store i hit. I did not have cash on me and like most thrift stores, they did not accept credit/debit cards.The sprint to the ATM was nerve racking as I was scared of losing the blazer to another shopper.I came back to the store, and my beloved purple blazer was right where I left hid it. I also found three gorgeous silk shirts that 
I am equally excited about.It's been three weeks and I have rocked my 'new' blazer four times already.

              This is how i wore it two Saturdays ago.

Happy hump day 

March 12, 2012


                                                                ... this is what i got up to yesterday

Weather was not bad so i was able to wear a skirt

rocked my dice earring (available for sale at Chic Therapy Accessories)
Met up with these two for brunch

Then we went to the flea market that someone thought was filled with junk-LOL
Lots of great vintage stuff
Then i went fabric shopping.

....and this people, is what i did yesterday.

Happy new week

March 05, 2012

Red , Black ,Gray Dilemma

I was going out sometime last month and had a bit of a problem figuring out what i wanted to pair my new gray lace tank with.I love gray and red together, so i knew i wanted a pop of red in my ensemble. After much deliberation, i narrowed my options to a black blazer with a red fabric belt & red pumps and a red blazer with a black belt & black heeled sandals.

During the deliberation process i thought i'd take pictures of both outfits to share on the blog.Here goes...

After much thought and consideration (ladies, you know sometimes; it is a process),  i left home with the black blazer ensemble.Which look did you guys like better and why?
              On a side note, i am becoming too lazy with my outfits, Blazers are all i wear these days :-(
   Happy new week :-)

March 02, 2012

Celeb Looks I Loved This Week

Solange looks gorgy in this Miu Miu print dress and point toe pumps. I love the print on print ensemble.Source.
I want Katherine Heigl's scarf. source
Love Miranda Kerr's casual chic ensemble Source
Dakota Fanning looking very comfy and chic.Loves her purse.Source
Digging the skinny capri and oxford look on Taylor. Source
... and off course,Octavia looked absolutely stunning in this Tadashi Shoji number.The dress does wonders for her body and it was a great choice for her big night source

What do you think of the looks?Any one you particular liked or did not like?