February 24, 2012

Three neck pieces, three tops and one skirt

Happy Friday guys,hope you all had a fantastic week.Any plans for the weekend? As for me i have nothing major planned. There is a flea market that i have been planning to go to for years.If i am up to it, i will stop by this Sunday. Apart from that, i have nothing else planned.I Will  play it by ear and see what happens.

So,I had been planning to add new necklaces to the Chic Therapy Accessories store and i finally had the time to make some last week.I absolutely adore these bib necklaces. They make the perfect statement accessory and will definitely add some colorful drama to a plain outfit. To show how lovely the necklaces will look on neutral and bright colors, i modeled them wearing fuchsia,black and beige tops. 

You can get these beauties @ my online store Chic Therapy Accessories

Happy Weekend

February 16, 2012

Dots & Brights

                                       ... craving polka dots and color these days

                                                  This combo here is giving me LIFEEEE!!!Source

Can be purchased from source
I know this is not polka dot but couldn't resist sharing the gorgeousness source

what do you guys think of paring black & white polka dots with bright colors? Yay or nay?

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February 15, 2012

Wana Sambo: I am Woman

Wana Sambo is a Nigerian designer that i adore.I love that she thinks out of the box and creates pieces that are unconventional for the Nigerian market.I love the flowy silhouette that usually characterize her work and i love the eclectic feel of her pieces;feminine but tough, sexy yet demure. See what the designer had to say about her new collection'I AM Woman'


When I was thinking of the ‘I AM WOMAN’ Collection I thought: ‘”sorority girl meets women’s prison, Grunge Chic, Metals and Wires, Power, Life Struggles, etc etc” in the light of these, one woman to my mind: BIANCA JAGGER.
Bianca Jagger of the 70’s inspired this collection. Her passion for expressing herself through her style, power dressing, jet set lifestyle and marriage to rolling stones lead singer, Mick Jagger made her a force to reckon with.  She was truly a ‘wild’ one who ran Studio54 and dared to do anything within and outside the realm of conventional. This is a woman arrived at a nightclub on a white horse just because it was her birthday. LOL . . . Today, she has blossomed into a great woman with several awards sitting on her shelf, mostly for her humanitarian deeds and exceptional works on defending the rights of women,
Applying the Bianca Jagger life story to the modern day Nigerian woman and what she can become allowed me name each outfit according to some of the local government areas in Nigeria, thus emphasizing the nearness of each piece to home.
I believe women should be able to take a stand, make mistakes and eventually learn that it is okay to be yourself and know it will only turn out right.  Most people are only concerned with what the society deems ‘right and acceptable’ and as such never really appreciate or know their true selves until the day they die… I think it is really sad, and because I have and will continue to do me, I dare say; I AM WOMAN.

This is my absolute favorite

PHOTOGRAPHY: Temi Adebayo (www.temiadebayo.tumblr.com)
STYLING: Karen Young
Makeup: Wana Sambo team
Model: Jade.
Art Directors: Temi Adebayo, Ikeobi Daniel Ekwevi, Wana Sambo and Andra Wibisono

Gorgeous,gorgeous,gorgeous what do you guys think?

February 13, 2012

colors in a cylinder

                                                              and in a patchwork shoe

Blazer: Ralph Lauren via Lord & Taylor, Shirt: AJ Wright,Jeans F21,Flats:Coach via Lord & Taylor, ring :Peace image(giveaway win),Necklace:Chic Therapy Accessories (coming soon)

Thank you for blessing us with your voice Whitney.You will be missed.

February 12, 2012


"Divalukky Clothing Line is a young and fast-growing fashion line blending a contemporary mix of very stylish yet affordable dresses, skirts, trousers, amongst other forms of female clothing as well as various accessories.

Since inception in 2011, collections of Divalukky Clothing Line have been showcased in fashion shows including the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2011 Mini-Fashion Show, Project Red Fashion Show for AIDS, and Fashion Night Out.

Our objective is the talented designing of fashionable styles whilst maintaining the African heritage thereby creating a unique collection of designs aimed at the very stylish female who knows that every new occassion calls for style. "

                    Check out the valentine inspired collection,'Ignito'

February 10, 2012

red & pink color block

....red & pink overdose 

                   I think i will be trying this color combination soon.

...and no, this post is not because of that cheesy holiday called Valentine's

Room Invasion: Cheryl

Aside, the regular style features on bloggers, i thought it'd also be cool to peek into their rooms. With that, I have started a new series called 'Room Invasion'. Basically a blogger takes and sends in pictures of his/her room from a fashion point of view. The first room we will be invading belongs to Cheryl of ohtobeamuse.(Her blog is really cool, you should check it out)

...now lets explore Cheryl's fashion haven

First off, i am so jealous of Cheryl's walk in closet, i need a closet like that in my life!I love the way her jewelry is displayed,it keeps them tangle free.Aha,someone is a nail polish addict, check out all those bottles(lol). That box purse by her sunglass collection is absolutely divine(...or is it a jewelry box?). Lovely room, i like! Thanks for opening your door to us Cheryl.

If you'd like to be featured, please send an email to chictherapyonline@gmail.com. You do not have to be a blogger to participate.

Have a fantastic weekend