December 20, 2011

Old/New Fuschia Skirt

Hi, it is your girl Chic Therapy, reporting from the extremely sunny and humid city of Lagos,Nigeria.One of the good things about being home is that i get to rummage through my mom's old stuff.I was searching for treasures the other day when i found this fuchsia pink skirt. Coincidentally,I have been on the prowl for a pink pencil skirt so you can imagine my delight when I found this. It is not exactly pencil, but it definitely is close to what I had in mind. Anyway, I was going out the other day and decided to pair my new found skirt with this aquamarine dress (yup!it is a dress) I got from Marshalls...


My Internet service here is crap so pardon the sparse updates.

                     Happy holidayyyyyyyyys!

December 12, 2011

Click Click Click

I have been way too lazy busy to update this blog.Hopefully,before the week runs out, i will put up an 'outfit of the day' post.For now,enjoy some random pictures taken with my Nikon D5000.


Have a great week people.