November 21, 2011

Aquamarine and Cobalt Blue you can tell, i am on a cobalt blue spree.
skirt:Charlotte Russe,Jacket:DorothyPerkins,Top:Hand me down from evil sister,Shoes:Random online website(cant remember now),Clutch:D.I.Y,Bangle:Nigeria,Earring:Random store at the mall

November 14, 2011

Cobalt Blue Fête

Last week I went on a mission to find brightly colored denim and at the end of the day, i had neon pink(which i think i am taking back),red, burgundy and cobalt blue.While shopping for the colored skinnies, i found this gorgeous top(pictured below)at Tj Max.I love, love,LOVE it!It kinda reminds me of a buba from a traditional Yorùbá iro & buba set.
Anyway, yesterday i was going out and i decided to put my cobalt blue jeans and 'buba' top to work.

I promise, i am not always on the phone.This was my friend telling me she was on her way to get me :-)

Remember my navy blue blazer(see here),I found the black at Tj Max the other day.#winning!

I was dancing to Wizkid's Pakurumo here :-)

Love this cute xylophone bunny necklace (from Forever 21)
Have a glamazing week Chicas


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November 09, 2011

Somewhere Between Yellow & Orange

I heart my yellow blazer
You may remember this shirt from here

Even the tree had the orangey yellowy color going on  :-)

Pant:Sears|Belt:Forever 21|Shirt:Thrifted|Flats:Nordstrom|Clutch TJmaxx

November 07, 2011

Big Black Furry Creature

I have always wanted a faux fur vest and i was lucky to find one at Filenes Basement this past Saturday. I was so excited about the vest that i wore it out the very next day. The weather was perfect for the outfit and the vest provided the right amount of warmth. 
Scarf is also from Filenes

November 01, 2011

Halloween 2011

When it comes to Halloween, i always recycle from my closet (see last year costume here).  Been the frugal person that i am, i dressed up as a school girl because i had everything i needed already. I was suppose to have pig tails but i did not have time to do them before hitting the Halloween party i attended.
There were lots of interesting character from the night. There was flavor flav, Flo from progressive, Sookie of True blood, Mario and some other redonculous costumes.In all, it was a great night and i had fun.

Did you guys dress up for Halloween, what did you go as?