June 30, 2011

Recycling:Bridesmaid Edition

You know how it is when you are a bridesmaid, and the bride says "You can totally wear the dress again" but in reality, you know the only event you'd wear it to is a Halloween princess costume party. Well, I was a bridesmaid April this year and i was determined not to let the dress join the league of bridesmaid dresses at the back of my closet.

The picture quality is not the best, but still thought i'd share.
The original dress
Btw, i caught the bouquet ( i usually always catch it *hides face in shame*)

So, i detached the top and voila i had a trumpet/mermaid skirt.I paired it with a lace top i got from Charlotte Russe and cinched the waist with a scarf from Filenes Basement. Apart from the fact that someone spilled oily food on the mermaid part of the skirt, i had fun re rocking my dress.

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June 28, 2011

Mirror Check

I stumbled upon Ms Krystle's blog, Mirror Check earlier in the year and i was blown away by her versatile style.I visited her blog again recently and i just had to feature her here. Krystle let me choose the pictures i wanted for this feature and these are the looks i totally dig.

Krsytle says

I think personal style is a variation of how you feel at that moment when you decide what to wear for the day and your ability to interpret that through fashion. You don't feel the same way everyday so you shouldn't wear the same look everyday. I pretty much just wear what I feel like wearing at the moment regardless of whether or not it's considered to be in. I treat every outfit post like a real photoshoot since I'm a wardrobe stylist. Most of the style posts on my site are inspired by a particular garment or accessory I'm wearing in the photo.

I am a blazer and jeans girl so i totally love this look.

Krystle is not a professional model but i think she can give Chanel Iman a run for her money :-)
Is she stylish or what!

Krystle is a stylist. Check out her blog , mirror check for more info.


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June 24, 2011

Item of the Day: Fabric Bangles

Hey people, TGIF! So i put this look together on polyvore and it features Chic Therapy Accessories fabric bangles.This look is so me, and it sorta reminds me of an outfit i wore to Sara's buffday last year.(see picture below)

Skirt:Lord & Taylor, Shirt:Primark,Flats:Ann Taylor
These are the fabric bangles available on my online store

If you like the bangles you know what to do...click click and shop :-)

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Have a fab weekend.

June 20, 2011

Last Week in Picture

Flats:Anne klein(via Lord & Taylor),Leggings:Target,Tanktop:Lord & Taylor
Dress:Target, Jacket:Can't remember (i have had it for 6 years)

Dress:J Crew, Jacket:Lord & Taylor, Necklace:Rainbow
Leggings:Target, Top:Old Navy,Blazer:New York & Co, Scarf: Random Chinese store(it was ONLY $1 !)

Have a fab week guys!

June 14, 2011

...because Hemlines are Getting Longer

Marc Jacobs
They are so feminine and chic (Asos Skirt)
From prints to solids, silks to chiffon, tight to loose fits, the midi skirt comes in varying designs and textures.(River Island Skirt)
Asos Skirt

Great for achieving the boho-chic look (Top Shop skirt)
Marc by Marc Jacobs

The midi skirt is a glamorous style that can be dressed up or down.

Stella of Jadore Fashion rocks the trend flawlessly. I love the orange accents.
Midi skirt

So i created this look on Polyvore.I love the yellow River Island skirt.

I love midi skirts, they are so chic and glamorous.Will you be trying one soon or are you already rocking the trend?

BTW, CIA Afrique featured me on her blog.Check out the post here

June 13, 2011


Hey people, It is Monday and sadly,the weekend has come and gone .Nothing fantastic happened this weekend, I ran errands and watched terrible funny Nigerian movies.I also watched 'Coming to America' for the thousandth time( I know i am not the only one who knows every single line-PearlsPeepToe where you at?). Lastly, i saw 'The Bestman'(for the umpteenth time),I really do hope they make a sequel.

So unto chic things... today we have Saffy of wellallseedifferently blog.I actually know Saffy in real life(lol), so i was pleasantly surprised when i randomly found her blog online.I also know she was interested in getting a SLR camera (we had emailed back and forth about it) and I was delighted to learn that she had bought one and was posting on her photoblog. Saffy is a fashionable lady and i am excited that she is sharing her style with us.

Saffy Says
This look came to me when i saw the skirt on a manequine at New Look. The chair also inspired the shot because it completed the vintage look.skirt and blouse- newlook shoes - baratt

This look was inspired by charlie's angels. check shirt- primark, extra flared jeans- mango,belt- primark

 skirt and vest top- zara, belt -newlook

I call this the london girl look.This look was inspired by a magazine that had pictures of a typical London girl in Paris.I fell in love with the look immediately and was lucky to find a similar blazer in H&M. Red skinny jeans - new look, brogues- primark, straw hat- primark and white tee- primark
I fell in love with these shorts immediately i saw them in H&M. They are made from dry lace.
This was also inspired by London street style. I love the flamingos on the dress.

 Keisha Buchanan's look also inspired the dry lace short ensemble.

The black shiny loafers inspired me when i found my grey loafers(Worn with flamingo dress) in Primark.

Inspiration was also drawn from Elle Macpherson for the 60's look
Is she fabulous or what? I LOVE!

For More of Saffy, check out her Fashion blog and Photoblog