May 25, 2011

The Stuff in my Bag

I was  tagged in a meme by ThirdWorldProfashional. The meme requires me to share the content of my bag with you guys.Here goes...

The Bag:Nicole Lee(on sale for $80)
So, i love this bag.I have had it for 2 years and it has served me well. Back in grad school, it was perfect for carrying my laptop and school books. Now, it is my everyday bag and my life fits right into it.It is a great bag for travelling and it has accompanied me to four countries. The bag is now old and grimy but i am still holding on to it, thank you very much!

The Content
Sony Camera: My mini camera is always with me. Do you know who i could run into?I have randomly run into Mariah Carey, Will Smith & Jada, Busta Rymes and Chris North.I need to be able to document such life defining moments.
Apple iPod & headphones: I live in a city and I use the train.I need music to block out the madness that goes on in the train.
Coach Wallet: Credit card, I.D, store cards, get my drift.
Iman Powder: I rarely use this during the day .Once my make up is done at home, i hardly ever touch up .I just carry it in my bag just in case.
Lip gloss: I always have my Bath & Body works passion fruit guava lip gloss with me.
Chewing gum: This is a must, I always have to have a pack with me.
Bath & Body Works Body Lotion: I know most people keep small containers in their bags, but since I am a germaphobe, who has to was her hands every 10 minutes , i  really need a bigger sized container.
Tampons: You just never know when Aunty Flo will decide to show up.HISS!
Hand Sanitizer: Cant live without it.Again, i use public transportation and i see all sorts. For instance, i have seen a guy tear off a button from his coat, stick it into his nostrils, then put it in his mouth and then back into his nose and then finally, rub his fingers all over the metal hand rail. 'nuff said!
Ok magazine: I didnt subscribe to this magazine but they keep sending it to me. It is light to carry around and a great read for the daily rides.
Cell phone: The other air i breathe.
Other random stuff: Hair brush, umbrella,keys,pen & bobby pin.

As part of the rules, i have to tag other bloggers, and i hereby do tag the following bloggers and everyone else reading this.

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Rules: Take pictures of your bag and the content and then give details in a blog post.

            So what is in your bag?


  1. Hey, this is fun! Thanks for the tag! Will put up a pic (as soon as I organize my bag) :)

  2. yea def the essentials lol... I'll make a post soon

  3. Cool tag, cute bag, and I LOVE your picture on the blog title!

  4. We have the same Ipod. I agree gum is a must...hand sanitizer..pen, keys etc.

  5. i love seeing what others have in their bags; i did a post like this recently. we have some similar items! love it!!


  6. I'm new to the BLOG world... and came across your blog. I will be doing this REAL SOON!!!! We all have a lil baggage!!!! lol

    Please feel free to stop by my blog as well.

  7. This is fun! Mine will be coming up soon :)

  8. nice , youre really organised.I see you have pink everywhere, nice

  9. nice , youre really organised.I see you have pink everywhere, nice

  10. Oooh thanks for the tag! My post will be coming up soon :D

    We've got almost the same stuff, except for the hairbrush


  11. Please send the bag down... soo cute!

  12. LoL! @ Aunt Flo. Bloody Aunty! (pun intended).

    Those earphones are soo cool!


  13. Oh, haha, suprised to see my name. Will do this as soon as I can.

  14. I need to feature my things! Cool photos and great details

  15. We carry some similar stuff. LOL at "Aunt flo" !

    I still have to get to mine today!


  16. I see why you wont retire, cute bag! Check out the contents of my bag here:

  17. Cute bag and you have all the right stuff in your bag:).

  18. Cute bag love what's inside it!

    H&C from Amsterdam

  19. hehe ok magazines have it in every corner of my house too and i did not subscribe either

    love your purse content :)

  20. Hey - I am really glad to discover this. cool job!

  21. Love the ton of pinks going on in your bag, nice camera and purse too...great tag ladies.I didn't know you love to carry "OK" magazine with ya, sounds exciting that am not alone on buying magazines

  22. Aww...thanks for tagging me. Your purse is gorgeous!!!

  23. I like yo bag swag! lol! Thanks for the tag!!


  24. The bag is cute! It's so funny, i'm the total opposite. I LOVE big bags, and i buy them, but i never know what the hell to put in them!

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl