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Puzzled Pink

I recently copped this puzzle design shirt at a thrift store.Immediately i saw it, i knew the new pink skinny belt i got at Nordstrom and my old neon pink bag (TJ Maxx)would be perfect accents.

If you remember, i talked about the possibility of launching a store at the beginning of the year, well...I will be unveiling the store pretty pretty soon.It is an online store and i will be selling accessories made by me as well as retailing African inspired bangles. The online store is almost ready and i am soooooooo excited.Will bring you more info soon.Pls support

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Happy new week :-)


  1. You're killin it girl, I love it!

  2. love it, looks like houndstooth print, cutie patootie!


  3. Go girl! I see you rocking it...I love those colors...

  4. These colors are just so cute together...and you are rocking it missy.

  5. What a fun blouse and the fun pink accents, love it.

  6. So cute...even the tree is pink lol. Nice day look x

  7. I said I wasn't going to wear anymore black and white or pink this week abut you madam have added fuel to the fire with this smashing look. Top notch! Love the top, belt and bag. Chic and fitting for a variety of places :)

  8. u know I am coming for it just incase you look trough your wardrobe and its gone, get a tix to Toronto :) love it .

  9. WOW!!! Awesome shirt!!

  10. I love that blouse it is so cute!

  11. Love the pop of pink and I'll be waiting for the online shop to open!

  12. Hi there, dear! Not only you like colors! And I am loving the color block trendy, because I'm getting brand new ideas about pairing colors!! Just amazing! Te touch of pink on your outfit is stunning, really!!! You are a pretty stylish girl!


  13. pretty pop of pink! can't wait to see that store :) i'm an accessory whore these days.

  14. TOTALLY PERFECT!!!! I love the entire outfit fierce and stylish...GO GIRL!!!


  15. WOW! Dear you look so happy & amazing. your top is killer, love the whole outfit! can't wait to check out your store. -xxoo

  16. gosh you lookk so damn amazing, now following you on twitter as well, xox

  17. Love the top and the use of neon purse!

    Ps: thanks for the birthday wish!


  18. great puzzle top and well paired with the pink clutch.

    and congrats on the upcoming launch of your online store!

  19. The black and pink work so well together!! Girl, I may have to copy this :)

  20. I love the colors in this outfit! You look great!

  21. I love the outfit...the shirt is so fab!

  22. that puzzle top is so amazing!! i love it!

  23. good luck with the online store...can't wait to check it out!

  24. tes photos sont superbes, j'adore ton sac rose

  25. Congrats on the store dear! Love ur look 1 of my fav, the blouse is so chic n the earrings n pink belt r perfect accessories 4 d look:)

  26. Electric pink!! Loving this combo


  27. I love this look! That pink with black/white is so cute! Thank you for your comment. Kiah

  28. Love the pop of pink..cute! :)

  29. Ooo girl you better work!

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl


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