April 29, 2011

Travel Therapy: London

Since the Royal engagement was announced, London has been the most talked about city. A million tourist have traveled far and near just to get a feel of the royal wedding.I must say that i am glad  my trip was a week before the wedding, i would have hated to be caught in the whole frenzy. Anyway,in the spirit of the wedding taking place today, i decided to put up some pictures from my trip.Enjoy
What is London without the underground?
So we got on  the underground
i spot something in the sea
Trying to get my fierce on
Colorful visual display at Zara.I loved!I snapped!
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So we went to Portobello street market.
About to conquer the market

Hit the market with a certain blogger :-)
She was kind enough to model this Vivienne Westwood jelly shoes.
Lovely leather goodies
Jewelled goodies
Cute stuff

Piccadilly Circus

Tried to see the Prime Minister, but they didnt let us in
Took a stroll down good old Carnaby Street
It was a week to the wedding so you can imagine the hype.
The Royal wedding took place here this morning

and oh...before i forget, it was my blog's first year anniversary two weeks ago.Happy anniversary to me :-)

That's all folks.Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

April 26, 2011

That Color Block Trend

So, i decided to try my hands at the hottest spring/summer '11 trend...

Color Blocking!

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Enjoy the rest of your week Chicas.

Cardy: H&M, Skirt:Cant remember(but years ago from a random store in London), Earings:beauty supply store,Blouse:Forever 21,Bag:TJ Maxx Shoes:Dolce Vita

April 22, 2011

Celeb Looks we love

The celeb looks we adore this week
Loving Sohia Bush in this ensemble.Can someone say colorful & classy.
I adore the simplicity of this ensemble
Loves this vibrant color on Serena.You have to pardon her shoes though, she had surgery.
Still showing off that sick bod!Loves it
I always love Keira's understated looks.
Keke is growing up to be one classy lady.Loves it.
You can 't go wrong with the denim jacket and dress combo!Joy B def gets it right!
Loves Jurnee Smollet's dress.Tres chic.
Tracee can do no wrong in my eyes.
It is J Hud again
Eva M is one of my fav style icons..Loves her  floral dress
                What do you guy think?

      Happy Easter folks!

Photocredit :Fashionbombjustjared, YBF

April 19, 2011

Spring in London

Sorry for leaving you guys high and dry and not updating the blog. I was in London most of last week and my week was cramped with activities. I have been to London several times in the past,but this time, i fell out of love with the city.The good part of my trip was that i got to hang out with my friends from secondary school (High school)... them. Anyway this is me before heading out to meet with them.

I am really really glad to be back home.

April 07, 2011

The color of Denim

YAY!!It seems like colored denim which was a big trend in the early 90s is back again. They have popped up on runways and celebs have been spotted in them.Worn the right way, colored denim will add instant va va voom to your look. They look great with neutals and you can't go wrong pairing them together. If however, you are color crazed like me, go ahead and rock your bold denim with other bright colors.

 I was inspired to do this post when i saw one half of the blogging duo at Style by Queens looking fab and chic in a pair of green jeans.Loves that she accented the jeans with the bright orange scarf.

Just like SBQ above, Ana Kendrick rocks the green jeans to perfection.
The ever stylish Rachel B wears denim in maroon.
Cobalt blue gives that perfect pop of color
Natalie looks good in it but dont think i'll be spotted in orange anytime soon.
Jessica Alba and one of the twins from Nina Sky looking fab in hues of purple.
(Check me out in my purple denim here)
Mustard is hot and even the guys are rocking it.
Sarah JP rocks her red jeans amidst a multitude of colors. Rachel B goes the other route and balances it with neutrals.
Celebs rock yellow as far back as 2008

I love pastel colors, and denim sure looks good in these sweet hues.

My next colored denim destination is yellow then maybe green! What do you think of the colored jeans trend? Will you be rocking it?

Photo Credit: Denim Blog, Fashion bomb,clothesofourback ,osoblog, littlemissmomma, StylebyQueens , Singer22, Neutrakris

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