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Leona Lewis: Yay or Nay?

In the past week, Leona Lewis has been spotted  in all sorts of mid riff baring tops and body con skirt. I really am on the fence with this trend Leona has going on. I absolutely  the colors, but wearing the same style over and over again within couple days??

My favorite look is the yellow chiffon bow top (I really love that shade of yellow).What do you guys think? yay or nay?
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  1. Big Yay. I think it's time she stepped away from her safe fashion choices. She's young and has a fab body why not flaunt it a bit?

  2. NAY..!!! i love the fact that she is colour blocking.. but whats up with the constant repeat of midriff showoff. *yawns*

  3. It's kinda cute and different but, doing it all the time is overkill.

  4. She definitely has the body to rock it! I think she looks fabulous!

  5. she does have the body for it and actually looks good so i say yay :)
    Style by Stylifiq

  6. I like it. Fresh for Spring, but her face looks odd.

  7. cool for colour blocking .nonono on the shapes and all else.

  8. Oh nay. But that's because her face looking strange indeed! On the right person 1 & 2 I think quite cute

  9. Okay, why is she looking so different? did she get a nose job or something...and I have to say no to these outfits. I love the colors but... Just no....

  10. love the color combos but the constant bare midriffs "hated it".

  11. great post, i was wondering the same thing about her outfits lately. i think it's to hype up her new fashion line or something, though i must say i'm not too on board with her 'new look', i miss the old leona!!

    lol sorry i'm rambling :) you have a lovely blog, maybe we could follow each other if you like! happy valentine's day!

    love, M

  12. pearlspeeptoesprettyFebruary 15, 2011 at 12:57 AM

    nay! Just...nay. lol

  13. Oh wow, when i said on twitter that i liked the outfit with the black skirt, i didn't realize the tube was actually a huge lip. shudder!


  14. Wow she wore all that in one week?? She's gorgeous but I don't know if this trend works for her.

  15. im gonna have to throw up a big honking NAY! its just not her.

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  16. Her new look makes her stand out...she looks like a Barbie :P

  17. Its different but i've gotta say nah
    -Beautiful sundays-

  18. I heard that this is a line that she came out with and she's trying to promote it. i'm not really a fan though...

  19. A humongous NAY! LOL with the exception of the skirts. They are pretty. those girl...just no...

  20. im sorry but i would say nay for all of them

  21. yay! its defo does suit her! esp the hair and then the clothes HOWEVER she needs to change it up!
    i mean theres not need to repeat it everyday..

  22. A.W.F.U.L.

    One can be daring without being tacky, and these looks are very tacky.


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