January 24, 2011

My little Brocade Skirt

I saw this skirt at Charlotte Russe and fell in love instantly.The design and fabric reminded me so much of a gèlè  (Nigerian head tie).It was on sale for just $5 (yes $5!!) so buying it was a no brainer. How could i not fall in love?So this is me rocking my little brocade skirt this weekend at my girl Lata's buffday dinner. 

On Charlotte Russe Model
Buffday girl, Lata

That's all folks.Have a great week.

So a Naija based reader had an issue with the pose in the first picture and decided to call me names..ha!ha!!!you are very funny! 

January 18, 2011

Ivonne Stacy

Hey Chicas, today we have Ivonne from Ivonne Stacy Style.Ivonne's blog is one of my regulars and i love the cutesy style she's got going on.Ivonne will be giving us a tour of her closet and letting us in on her style. Lets go there....
Ivonne Says:
What is my style?That is a tough question because I am all over the place! I can be girly, edgy, casual, sexy, tomboyish on and on. But I really like to dress in what makes me feel confident and happy. I am addicted to shoes and accessories (as you can see in my blog). Accessories can really make a simple outfit look fabulous! I really live to put together outfits; it is just what I do. I love to inspire and share my outfit ideas with all my followers so they can go home look in their closets and dress to where they feel confident and happy. Confidence is key in all aspects of your life and it has to start with you. When you have confidence it resonates off your body, others see it and feel it.
cute-right?Check out Ivonne's blog here

January 17, 2011

Trends at the Golden Globes

So last night was the Golden Globes awards and I have no idea what movies and shows were nominated or who even won awards. Fashion enthusiasts like me were only interested in one thing, "the fashion". Anyway, here are some of the looks and trends that made their way down the red carpet.
Sequins, shines and all sorts of sparkles
Ladies in Green
Shades of champagne
The color that's always in fashion

Mixed prints made it to the GG too.

Lots of  blush & silver peony (I guess this whole neutral color thing is still very much alive)
Beeswax Yellow was one of the trend colors Pantone predicted for 2011.Both Ladies wear it well.
My Favorites  looks of the night: Angelina in this gorgeous Versace dress & Jennifer Lopez in  Zuhair Murad

What do you guys think.Did any of the looks work for you?

PhotoCredit: theybf.com, RCFA,Zimbio

January 11, 2011

Lip Service

Hey Chicas, today our favorite guest blogger Omozele, would be doing me a great favor by filling in for me. This Toronto based fashionista, will be giving us tips to achieving fabulous lips in the winter.Hope you enjoy it.

Omozele says:
I have decided to invade CT blog again with colors not that it has not already been invaded with colors but dont you just love more colors especially during winter time? I think I have found a way to add some color to my"monotonic" winter wardrobe ****drum roll ****** LIPSTICKS yes you read right LIPSTICKS 

Majority of the Lipsticks and lip liners used are drug store brands Revlon,Rimmel,Body shop, Iman and MAC.

Iman is very creamy, I dont need gloss over this. The color is rich and has a nice glossy finish.I dont need to reapply a lot towards the end of the day.

Rimmel colors are bright and fun and it last for quite a bit if you are not giving presentations, having lunches, snacks, doing a lot of talking you get my drift?
The Body shop Lip color I have does not have a lot of pigment for my skin tone, I find I have to vigorously apply the stick all over my lips to get the right amount of color for me. Filling my lips in with the lip liner still does not bring out enough color for me. I find I have to reapply more before the end of the day

There are a gabillion and one ways of applying lip sticks, lip colors, lip tars and liners please see YOUTUBE if you are not sure, I have my way, it is not special but it works for me. I line and fill in my lips with whatever liner I want to use then gently dab on the lipstick until I am satisfied :)

There you have it. Go forth and paint the world with all sorts of colors. Remember you can mix  up your lip colors.With the right brush and a creative mind, the options are limitless.

Omozele is live on twitter, follow her here

January 07, 2011


Today, we will be exploring the closet of another fashionista. Stylished forever is one of my favorite fashion bloggers and i find her style quite refreshing.I love that her mishmash of pieces always end up looking relate-able .Hear what she has to say about her style.

StylishedForever says:
When it comes to my personal style, it's pretty much eclectic. I love everything from dresses to pants but I gravitate more towards vintage pieces; they're classic and never go out of style. I also love tailored and structured pieces; just because it gives off more of a masculine feel. Since menswear is on the rise these days, I guess it's my way of staying trendy. My go-to piece is always a blazer because of it's versatility. It adds a posh and bossy feel to every outfit, which is always a winner.

One thing I always keep in mind is that, no matter how fab the newest trend is, it's got to look good on me, otherwise there is really no point in purchasing it. Most trends as we all know stay for a short while and they're out the door the next day so I tend to invest more into pieces that last for a longer period.

This vintage lover is also a free lance stylist(Toronto, Canada. Feel free to holla at her for your styling needs. 

She is quite the Fashionista, isnt she? Check out Doreen's blog here

January 05, 2011


I know, i know... i have been a very bad blogger.When everyone else took to their blog screaming "happy new year" i was lacking inspiration to post anything. So pardon me, and allow me to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR".Whoop!whoop!

So it's the beginning of a new year and its the time when people resolve to reach specific goals. I really hate making resolutions because i end up breaking them the second week. However, after getting inspired by Jennifer Hudson's weight loss, I am making a resolution to loose weight.YES I CAN. Another thing i'll like to do, is take photography and French classes.I am going to start researching classes in my local area.Next on my list, is to finalize a Chic Therapy project that i have been backing in and out off .I have decided to immerse myself fully in this project. Plans are in the works and i am really excited about it.
As much as i hate quotes, i'll leave you with this "The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you"-Tom Bradley 

So do you guys have any dreams you hope to achieve this year?

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