December 06, 2010

Top Ten Chic Therapists

Hey Chicas, its the beginning of a new week and i hope you all had a fabulous weekend.I was invited to a party but it got cancelled last minute so i was indoor the whole weekend. Anyway, the year is almost over and i thought i'd do a post on fashion blogs that i enjoyed through out the year.Some blogs, i just recently discovered but they captivated me nonetheless. In no particular order, these are my favorite fashion bloggers for the year 2010.

stylishedforever  her  style is so fabulous. I really wish i could raid her closet and cart away all her cute clothes.  

Simply Chic  was one of the first blogs i started reading religiously. I heart her simple yet chic style.

ONB:I love that he styles himself in ways that are unconventional for the typical Nigerian guy.

whatiwore:the quality of her pictures  and cohesiveness of her blog keeps me going back for more.

Hardcoremakeupjunkie is one of my favorite make up bloggers. Her make up is always flawless  and her skills are amazing .

iamstyle-ish: I heart her classy yet fun style.  I always look forward to her "looks for less" posts.

shadesofsabrena:Though she hasnt blogged in about a year, i love going to her blog .She is really good at what she does.
MoptopMaven is a fabulous fabulous blog. Her blog tagline is "The premier source for all things creative, fly & fashionable". I agree- 100%

funferekoroye,: I heart this young man's style and his use of accessories to spice up his looks.
Apart from being a fashionable blogger. Funfere owns a fun accessory line called Fusion Kelvar.
StellasAddiction .She's got the hook up on fab make up and i love  her reviews.


  1. I didn't make it.!!
    Nice list though..

  2. Can't wait to check out these bloggers you mentioned when I get some free time.

  3. Great exposure, i will check out all these blogs! xoxox

  4. Aww thanks so so much hun, this is super nice of you and you're welcome into my closet anytime :) Thanks my blogger friend!

    Stay gorgeous!

  5. thanks so much for including me. makes me smile to know i was one of the first you followed religiously :)

    can't wait to check out the other fab bloggers.

  6. wow great list of amazing bloggers...and they have great styles

    I can't wait to check out their sites...


  7. great list..will be checking out these bloggers :)
    x x

  8. Wow great list! I'm def, gonna check them out!

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  9. i'll have to go check out some of these blogs!! great list!

  10. Yay! I made the list!!! Thanks Chic!


  11. Mmmh, i only know Stylished Forever and Moptop Maven. I looove Stylished Forever- i like checking her site out now and then :D

  12. Thanks for the lovely comment, and I'm definitely going to be checking out those blogs! I'm liking yours from what I can see as well!

  13. I love Simply Chic! And thanks for introducting me to some new bloggers!

  14. Great list you've got me into...they've all got style