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Chic Therapy's eyes are on...Betty Adewole

I came across Betty Adewole during a random browsing session and I was immediately interested in her because her last name clearly indicated a tie to Nigeria. This 5.11' British model is of Nigerian descent and lives in Thamesmead, London with her Nigerian Parents. The 19 year old has appeared on major runways and publications and had been noted all over the internet as the rookie to watch out for. Here is hoping Betty has a great career in the fashion industry.

Photo Credit: Fashion Model DirectoryBellazonThefashionspotmylifeasthetrendsetta ,brvintagechannel


  1. She looks gorgeous...and her face is perfect for close up shots...very beautiful!!!


  2. she's gorgeous...way to represent!

  3. Hot damn! She's fire......and surely going far!

  4. She is very pretty, great bones too. All the best to her!

  5. Cool pics!
    Really great blog ;)
    Come visit mine, I follow you ;)

  6. beautiful girl! she will make it far.

    link up you DIY and outfit post
    for a chance to win a month long feature

  7. Omg! She's GORGEOUS!


  8. be still,my beating heart..
    she is absolutely gorgeous.!
    she looks llike tyra banks in that picture.

  9. waauw this is so pretty, thanks for sharing :)
    really cool blog btw!


    hope you come visit/follow me :-)

  10. Those little hats in the first collection of pics are so cuuuute!

    Such a pretty lady.

  11. I really don't see what's gonna stop her from catching her break...

  12. She DOES have a striking resemblance to Tyra in that pic.
    She's really photogenic, hope to see more of her.

  13. I adore her headgear!
    She's so fabulous looking, too!


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