September 24, 2010

Chic Therapy's eyes are on... Fusion Kelvar

Quirky,creative,and unique are the words that came to me when i came across Fusion Kelvar.The brainchild of Funfere Koroye, Fusion Kelvar is a line of clothing and accessories that will make you stand out.

Fusion Kelvar recently unveiled its new collection, which i describe as eccentric (in a good way). From the unique tee shirts to the unconventional accessories there is something for every fashion lover.I envisage celebrities like Kanye West, Will-i-am, Pharell Williams and M.I rocking these one of a kind pieces.

Fusion Kelvar's latest collection

Quirky Lego brooches

Cute domino brooches

To find out more and shop Fusion Kelvar go to Fusion

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  1. i ABSOLUTELY LOVE the way he dresses & those cute lego brooches!

  2. Gosh I need the broaches fantastic, I love it. Thank you Chic T for this :)

  3. Hey!!! That's my boy Funfere. He has such a great vision. I love those lego bow ties. He was so kind enough to grant us an interview regarding his style!

    You can check it out here:

    "Style is not even a word to me."

  4. omg the little pac man ghost brooches are so cute!!

  5. wow just joined the facebook group! I died when i saw the lego brooches, i want one! So cute, great post, good exposure!

  6. aww cute....and he has a great sense of style....

    love love the LEGO....

    he is so adorable...

    by the way I have a giveaway going on in my blog hun...


  7. very chic style. i love when guys can dress like this and pull it off.

  8. That's my friend! :D He has amazing style

  9. Oh! I love the playfulness of the collection!!