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Style Watch:Tracee Eliss Ross

Tracee Eliss Ross is one of my favorite style icons. Her effortless chic look is ubber fab and i am always blown away anytime i come across her pictures.She knows how to style up the lousiest piece of clothing.Her character in "Girlfriends" was also very stylish, i wonder if she rubbed off on the character or if it was the other way round.

Here are some of Tracee's looks i found interesting.


Pretty in Pink

My girl *Lata decided to be my next make up victim, and i had fun doing her face because she has the most gorgeous skin and it was so easy to apply products on her skin. The pink flower pin in her hair was the inspiration for the eyes.

Eyes:Mac:shade stick Mac:Swish frost, cranberry & embark
Loreal Hip Duo:Flare
Face: Iman foundation & Mac studio fix
Blush:Mac Ambering Rose
Bronzer:Elf (warm tan)
Lips:Body shop gloss dot & mary kay nourish shine lip gloss in sugar berry.

Black and Blue

Am obviously not talking about the Black and Blue defined below: adj. 1. discolored by or as if by bruising; - of skin. n. 1. the dark color of a bruise in the flesh, which is accompanied with a mixture of blue.(Free dictionary).I am talking about me, in an all black outfit with blue accessories this past Friday. :-)
Clutch:I bought this purse from Tj Max about a year ago and It went unused till Friday.I figured it was the perfect pop of color i needed for an all black out fit.
SKirt: This H & m skirt is slowly becoming my favorite.I love the fact that i can dress it up or down.I have worn it countless times already this summer.See here & here
Earings:I am not too certain, but i think i got them from a Beauty supply store.I am not really into matching accessories but i just had to wear the earrings with the bag.
Top: This actually is a dress(purchased from Marshalls).I decided it looked good as a top and voila.

...because i love it when it rains

I hate rainy day, but these days I get excited at the mention of rain because I get to wear my lovely new hunter rain boots. 

It was so hard to make a decision per the color, but I ended up with this vibrant turquoise color. This is me wearing my boots on a rainy day in May.

Go Fourth into Purple

Purple and happy at a fourth of July cookout.

Top: AJ Wright, skirt:H&M,Sandals:AJ Wright,Necklace & Bangles:Chic Therapy

Africa on her Shoulder

It's been 12 days since i last blogged and i am really sorry for leaving you all high and dry.Things were a bit hectic here but not to worry, i am back to regular and better blogging.

So, i was at a cookout on Saturday and i ran into A. I loved her whole ensemble, especially the cute 'Africa' bag . The weather was cool, so it was a great way to wear a cardigan and still look summery.

I love the bag and i so badly want to covet . Doesn't she look fab?