April 30, 2010

Hey Soul Sister

This song by Train is my favorite at the moment. Everyone thinks the lead singer is not so foine.I strongly disagree, i think dude is majorly HOT ...:o)

Enjoy the video and have a fantastic weekend.

April 29, 2010

Ruffles and Blues

Its Our fav guest blogger...Omozee

Hello beautiful people,

How is everyone? I am fantastic, My sis is here for 2 weeks and we have had
wayyyyy too much fun .We went downtown yesterday cos homegirl wanted to go to H&M, f 21 (she is the queen lol) and a small T-shirt shop on dundas west
they make customized tees, a little pricey but you can guarantee you are the only one with the tee and you bring in your own tee.

Today(more like yesterday) I wore my fave colors purple and plum hues. The dress is from Winners (Canada's TJ Maxx), shoes are from Vince Camuto, my lip color which i absolutely adore is from body shop I dont remember the name but it was 14bucks , accessories
are from mum (whenever she is in town I raid her closet). I paired my look with tights cos it was chilly (chillay) this morning. I am also wearing my fav fav fav fav blazer even though
I say that about all my blazers and jackets E. Ungaro (I love the details, the 3 button bat wing whimsical detail), I picked this up at Barneys New york eons ago for a relatively affordable price then and it has soo worked well for me, from short shorts, to mini skirts
and dresses to wide leg trousers to my ankara ball gown (a story for another day). An expensive piece that has so maxed out its price per wear ( amount of times you wear a piece of clothing / cost of clothing ) ideally the ratio got should be 1:1 to me it is confusing but fashionistas
swear by this. My problem is that when I love something I will wear it everyday (like its the only piece of item I have ) until people get tired of it or start a "buy Omo another jacket fund" that actually happened at my last job.

Ok, this is getting ridiculously long again but hey I had fun, my sis had fun, we walked all over downtown today yes I did in 4" dainty of course sis kept on making fun of me cos she wore flats and was walking waayyy too fast .We had a fantastic sushi lunch and took in quite a lot of
Toronto. Sorry No pix cos stupid me forgot the camera. My next post will be fashion on the streets of Toronto, I saw some well dressed and good looking guys too. Oh well, until next time

One love

April 27, 2010

One Random Sunday

It was suppose to be a quiet Sunday, devoid of all activities including church...but then i got a lunch invitation & then later, i crashed a stranger's buffday bash

Afternoon: Lunch @ Mayoress's crib

 Nite: Impromptu buffday club bash (I was too tired to get dolled up)
combed out hair, black eyeliner,blusher, bronzer, Mascara, lipgloss and i'm all set

Blazer: Emmanuel Ungaro, flats: Ann Klein, Pearls: Target, Pumps: Hypnotique, White Purse: Monet, Multi colored purse: Mellie Bianco, Scarf:H & M

Retail Therapy = Chic Therapy

Just thought i'd share my most recent fashion purchases with you guys
Gosh!i am so excited about this singer sewing machine i ordered from walmart. Cant wait for it to come in the mail.

Cosmetic Purchase

Stuff from the pictures above
I have never used Mary Kay so i was pretty excited about this purchase. I bought the medium coverage foundation and concealer. I love the concealer....it really does conceal a lot of facial sins. I am looking forward to using the Mac powder blush as i have never had one before. The Maybelline bronzer is alright, nothing extra ordinary. I got Mac eyeshadow in Cranberry, Embark, Bronze,Swish Frost (i hate it!does nothing for me) and coppering (all time favorite). I also bought a silver MAC shade stick; since it is shimmery, It is a very good shadow base as it makes any color you use pop and last longer. I absolutely heart heart the Dior black out mascara, it does wonders for my non existing lashes. I usually use Iman stick foundation & pressed powder, so i was only stocking up on those. I found this amazing blush/powder brush, i love the soft bristle :-). The red lipstick is from Wet and Wild and i loooooooooove it. I was just re stocking on the Loreal hip duo , I must have three with the orange still intact cos i only use the beige. The other eyeshadow duos are random shadows i got and i dont even know what brand they are (too lazy to get up to find out). The next on my agenda is one of the painterly pots from MAC.

I am still giddy with excitement about my purchases and i am looking forward to trying different looks with them.
My MAC store on 04/26/10

Do you have any recent fashion purchase you are still excited about ?Pls do share.

April 23, 2010

Chic Therapy's eyes are on ...Lola Faturoti

I came across Lola Faturoti in an old edition of In style and then an internet search on her revealed that she is a force to be reckoned with in the international fashion Industry.
The designs of the New York based designer have appeared in major publications including Instyle,Vogue, Lucky and Bazaar. Inspired by her Nigerian culture, Lola uses a mix of local fabric, chiffon, satin and other fabrics to create fun, flirty and classy pieces. See more of her designs here.
These are my favorite designs from her Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

This Obama commemorative piece got a lot of press   

Photo Credit :lolafaturoti.com

April 22, 2010

...because i can make bows

When i was younger my mom had a tailoring shop that made custom outfits for clients. When the store closed for the day, i'd go and pick up scraps of materials and make all sorts of girly treasures.I made anything from hairbands(remember the one that had the square in the front?), to hair ruffles, doll dresses and bags. However, my most favorite thing to make were bows. Oh!my, was i was obsessed with bows. I'd make bow earrings (using broom stick to stick them in my ears), bow necklace, bow bangle, hair bow in fact i made bow everything. So imagine my delight when i found that hair bows had found their way to the lime light as a Spring 2010 trend. Anyway, sometime last week, i had a D.I.Y moment and i gathered scraps of fabric and made what i know how to make best, BOWS!
What do you think? Can i have a successful career in bow making?
click on image for larger view

Its Minnie, my favorite bow icon

Isnt she cute? (i bet i wouldnt think so if i found her lurking about in my apt)
Photo credit: Disney Clip art

April 21, 2010

Dear Agony Aunt

...ok, its not that serious.So my number one fan(lol) left me this on Sunday's post.

Dear chic Therapy,
I have a weekend getaway with the Hubs and the smallie, its from Sat to Sunday, older couple with teenage-19-20-ish kids....i have to look FAB!! Can you please put together a look for Friday, comfortable enough to fly in, Saturday, a fun active day, Sunday probably their church, lunch then back to the airport...

Travel look (I created two looks here and you can mix and match items from each set)

Travel look
When traveling it is important to be extremely comfortable.For this reason, i chose two loose fitting cardigans and tanks top. I also chose these flats because they are easy to kick off when going through airport security . I chose a hobo bag with long straps because of the lil munchkin. Wearing the bag across your bodice will allow you carry her without any troublle. Also a bag this size will give you enough room to stash some baby items and will let you reach them easily when on the plane.

Fun activity day look
& Church, lunch & Travel back look

active look & Church look
The first look in this set is for your fun day of activity. Since you said it was an activity day, I chose a loose fitting top thats not restrictive. Also, because it is spring I added the turquoise sandals and necklace to add some color to the outfit. The boyfriend jeans was chosen for a relaxed and casual look. Finally, the grey bag and sun glasses were thrown in to give a chic look.

I must admit the church look was the hardest for me to put together (and i am still not sure about the look ). Since it is church, i decided to go for a polished & classy look. I chose a top that was fun and pretty but not revealing. Knowing that you'll be going to the airport after church and lunch I choose denim jeans for comfort. Nude colored shoes are a big trend this spring and summer and i think it really goes well with the top. Hmmmn, now about the blazer, i am not sure how that is going to work with the slightly puffy bottom of the top but i added it because it gives a clean and polished look. I threw in small pearl studs because it adds class to the ensemble . The black flats from look one can be worn with this outfit when going back to the airport

So tell me how did i do?

Create your fantasy look at Polyvore

April 20, 2010

Over or Under

...no its not the toilet paper argument.It just me not knowing if i wanted my belt over or under the cardigan as i dressed up for work sometime last week. Over or Under?

         The last picture is how i finally wore it.

Skirt:French Connection ,Cardigan:Roxy, Belt:Thrifted,Shoes:BGBG,Tights: Finsbury Park (London)

Look who the wind blew in

....its Lauryn Hill at the Tanzania Education Trust New York Gala . Though not feeling the drabby outfit on her , its a vast improvement from what we have seen on her in years. Wish she'd ditch the eyebrow and the black lip liner too(ewwww). I ♥ everything else especially her hair and necklace.

Image from The YBF

April 19, 2010

Item of the Week: Ituen Basi Ankara Bangle & Necklace

These bright colored Ituen Basi bangles and necklaces have been a favorite of mine for a while now. Hopefully T.T's Ituen Basi necklace will somehow find its way to my lovely neck (where it rightfully belongs-lol)
Available at My Asho

in-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: Photo Credits : My Asho & Ghanas Entertainment

They sure are a great accessory to have for spring/summer. Ya dig?

April 18, 2010

If i were....

If i were a celeb Mom i'd rock this outfit to my kid's PTA meeting.Ha!ha...imagine the evil glances from other Moms as i stroll in late in my $1,275 Alexander Mac queen shoes!

Create your own fantasy look at Polyvore (it is a fashion lover's haven)

April 16, 2010

The Unboyfriend Blazer

When my sister gave me this blazer three years ago i was like " er..gee thanks" .Then it stayed hidden in my closet for two years . At some point i even put it in my give away bag for Salvation Army but like most things i intend to give away, it found its way back to my hidden archives .

Fast forward 2008 , the fashion world is all about this wonderful blazer you can steal from your boyfriend's closet, still my "ugly" blazer laid in the closet waiting for me to harness its potential. Then sometime in fall 2009 i decided i needed a jacket that was stylish but would also accommodate the slight chill of fall. Enter....the blazer my sister gave me 2 years b4.

I call it the unboyfriend blazer because thats not what it was originally. My sister had initially bought as a regular blazer but because she's so much taller than me the blazer works very well for me as a boyfriend blazer.

Blazer: NewYork & Company

April 15, 2010

A date with the Dentist

Hello and Happy Thursday

Its 11.39am in Toronto Ontario, weather is grey with a few clouds and No sun in sight but the light breeze, it reminds me of summer :) . My name is Omozele or Omozee or Zee or Zigi or whatever you want to call me. My best oyibo friend of 5 yrs still cant pronounce my name so he calls me omozula thats fine :).

Do I love fashion? Well it depends, what is the definition of fashion?To me fashion is everywhere and everything from the baby in a chic pram to the old vintage couple that live in my apt building (who dress like they are in the 40's). I dont really follow the trend, I create my own fashion, people have called me sick, to "Grace Jones child" which I like and if you know me you will know I am obsessed with her. So am I unique? I dont think so, everything on the runway or catwalk has been done at some point before. Nothing wow's me anymore... shoulder pads, bubble skirt, nude colored shoes have all been done before.

I am grateful to guest blog on Chic Therapy's blog and I would be writing about or ranting or talking or yarning about not only fashion but Art .I love art and i think life itself is an art.

Ok enough yarning good God, I talk too much dammit . Anyway I had a dental appointment today and was running late so i decided to throw on a vintage Alfred Sung jacket (from my mum's closet), Navada skinny jeans (Sears - I am a size 10-12 waist and 14 hips gba be) big yansh coming through , rings (the citrine one from a friend in India, the pearl one from mum's closet), earrings (vintage store could not find either pair so I paired them together), black lace top (H&M) eons ago maybe 2 or 3 yrs ago cant remember and linked neck piece from mum as well.

I do a lot of vintage shopping, I am a child or the 40's and 80's love everything in that era, a lot of my blazers and jackets are shopped from my mum's closet as she has trucks full of them :). This is getting ridiculously long like i said I love to talk a lot but hey enjoy the pix and see you next Thursday or Monday or whenever.

Omozele Oluwakemi Okosun

lol! Omozee truly is the only person that will rock such an outfit to the dentist with two different earrings at that. Hurray for my first guest blogger.


I love the cardigan/tank top and leggings outfit for one simple reason; I DO NOT HAVE TO IRON (gosh!i hate ironing). I think i have about 20 cardigans in different colors and shades and even more colors in tank tops. A good number of my cardigans are from H & M and they can be found in-store all year round.

Attempts made at home with my self timer

April 14, 2010

All cutesy and girly in my bubble skirt

The bubble skirt/dress phenomenon reared its pretty head again in 2006.I must have invested in three or four bubble skirt/dress styles (not counting the two bridesmaids outfits i have had in the past three years).By summer 2009 i decided i was done with the trend... but somehow, early this year this lovely black bubble skirt called out my name and the rest is history.

I absolutely totally ♥ my cute bubble skirt and i have worn it countless time this Spring already.

Skirt:Lord and Taylor,light pink button down shirt:Primark,Spiderman Tshirt : Old Navy (kids Dept-lol), black shirt:H & M, flats:Ann Taylor

April 13, 2010


For a long time i toyed with the idea of starting a fashion/creative blog, but with grad school and my work schedule it was a mission impossible. However, with my current schedule and a little push from O'Zee, i am here today writing my first post-Exciting!!!!

While, i do not claim to be an expert of any sort, i do think i have a penchant for fashion and a good number of my posts will center around trends, make up and creativity as a whole.

My style

My style can be really boring, loud, simple, weird, overly colorful, and downright to copying what is in fashion. However, a fundamental thing for me is comfort.

Without further ado, I'll like to introduce you to me.

Enjoy my Blog