Friday, November 04, 2016

Intersection of friends, food, and music: Berklee Music Jazz Festival

 I was randomly going through my computer, when I came across  pictures that I took at the Berklee Jazz Festival last year. Scrolling through the pictures brought back memories of the festival, and despite being a year late, I am still going to go ahead and share the pictures with you all. Enjoy...

It was a gorgeous day with unbeliveable clear blue skies

My first stop was the public library. I always read Things Fall Apart yearly, and it was time for my yearly  read ( I have since bought my own copy)

When I was done at the library, I noticed these couples (note the other couple behind)taking wedding pictures. This must be a popular wedding pic spot
Selfie time. My red lipstick is vanity raine by Coloured Raine

The slogan for this restuarant couldn't explain the day any better

Old fashioned soda sounds like a good idea

Ran into my girl, Ola

After indulging in some yummy Jamaican cuisine,and meeting up with my friend, Yumi, it was time for some jazz music

I caught a few performances, but Ledisi's was the most enjoyable for me, and I even caught it on video
We snuck in an usie while watching Ledisi
Then we checked out some cool vendors! I want all these skirts
I copped myself a cool "JAZZ FESTIVAL" t shirt
Yellow Lambogini!! I want!
...and of course, I couldn't resist this mural wall
Why do I look so pissed. Lol!
Yumi joined in on the mural wall fun
So did Miss O
My friends weren't able to get food at the festival, so we made our way to a Jamaican restaurant and headed to Yumi's to watch a good old romcom, "Something New". The perfect end to my already perfect day was ice cream, and that was exactly what we did--yummy yum ice cream to sign off the day.

That's all folks. Don't forget to check out my "Think Pink" post to learn the steps involved in a breast self-exam.

 Have a fab weekend.


Jeanne said...

Very cool event! Love these pics!

Aly In Wanderland said...

What an amazing event

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BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

Love it!


Emmylou said...

Such great pics:) Love your red lipstick btw, and I want that yellow Lamborghini too!

Paola Lauretano said...

Totally obsessed with the colorful skirts!
Kisses, Paola.


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Fashionably Idu said...

So glad you shared cos they are beautiful pictures. I want all the skirts too, so cute! How fun was this festival!!! You look fab of course.

Caro * said...

This event looks amazing ! :)