Thursday, August 18, 2016

Philly: Colored Strands, Vibrant walls & African print

A Wednesday afternoon in Philly.
Bibi and I started off the day by taking in the sights and sounds of East Passyunk, the  neighborhood we stayed in

Then we went off to explore East Passyunk Avenue. The eclectic and vintage boutiques on this street were in numbers, unfortunately we got there too early and could't explore most of the stores. My headscarf is from Chic Therapy Accessories

My friend Bibi is a lover of vintage, so we stopped by this store so she could feed her appetite

The owner of the store was really nice, and told us it was actually a bridal consultation store and none of the fab items were for sale :-(

How cute is this vintage wall?

There were so many colorful walls East Passyunk Avenue, and I am restraining myself from posting all the picture I took :-)

We visited another part of East Passyunk to vintage shop, and then headed to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to check out the Creative Africa exhibition

The Creative Africa exhbition boasts of 5 exhibits, and our first stop was the "Three Photographers/Six Cities" exhibit

Photography by Akinbode Akinbiyi. Though black and white, these images capture the essence of Lagos. I know It's corny, but I could feel the energy and the spirit of Lagosians from these images. I wish I had taken close ups

Every scenario in this series were somewhat familiar to me

The next exhibit we visited was Vlisco: African Fashion on a Global Stage

This exhibits highlights African print textile brand, Vlisco

The exhibit also showcased designs by African and European designers
Of course, Vlisco prints were used to create all the pieces 
This was my absolute favorite

Drum roll for my favorite exhibit --The Architecture of Francis Kéré: Building for Community
The Color Scape installation is by renowned Burkina Faso born architect, Francis Kéré 
About Francis Kéré 

The idea for this installation was born out of the comparison of the unstructured terrain of Gando (Kéré's Village), and the structured grid of Philadelphia. (I included this picture to show you guys the top view of this wonderful installation.Photo by Tim Tiebout--source)

I had a blast interacting with these colored cords

Serving major profile :-)

Still in awe

How creative is this. I believe it's by Francis Kéré

We saw two other exhibition in the Creative Africa series, but for some reason, I did not take pictures :-(. 

Anyway, I hope these pictures give you a glimpse into the #CreativeAfrica exhibition @PhilaMuseum. The exhibition is open till September 25. If  you are in the area, please go see it, you will be blown away. More adventures from Philadelphia coming soon. 

Happy Thursday.


Unknown said...

The #CreativeAfrica exhibition looks like a real treat! Lovely photos. Loving the colours and vibrancy!

Unknown said...

You go to the most beautiful places.Love the African print display.

Tonka said...

Love this post, everything is so colorful and vibrant. I like the vintage inspired wall and your favorite dress design is also one of my favourites.

Style & Poise said...

Beautiful pictures. Glad you had an awesome time while here in Philly. Yes, the vibrant colors are a fashion bloggers heaven. One thing I absolutely love about living here.

Beauty said...

How awesome! So much beauty and creativity all in one place. Those Vlisco prints and the installations are breathtakingly beautiful.

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful and colourful representation of Africa.
I love your blog!

Jeanne said...

Very chic look!

Damie Alabi said...

The walls are beautiful and the colours in every picture just makes me want to travel.

Caro * said...

So adorable. You are beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

I found so much sewing and style inspiration in the designers exhibition. African prints add spice to garments!