Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Sunday Afternoon at Harvard Sq, Cambridge

Jamaican curry goat, a street festival, colored buildings, a visit to the world's most prestigious school, and a jump fest is all it takes to have a great Sunday.
Though not pictured, our first stop was to pick up warm clothing at GAP, as the weather had drastically changed from warm to chilly
We had no idea there was a street festival at Harvard Square, but we joined in on the fun and posed it up for pictures

My girl, Kay had to cop a new jacket too (side eye to New England's unpredictable weather)
Jamaican curry goat and plantain was all it took for me to stop being upset at the weather
Posed it up for more pictures at Harvard Square
Then we went off to Harvard University to touch the foot of John Harvard for good luck
Oooh, colored chairs! Take my picture please
Lilac floor?? I'm in!
Falafel or nah?
Harvard Lampoon in all its glory
Modelling career in my future? Lol
Now let's burn the calories from the curry goat
Look ma, I'm jumping!

In all it was a great Sunday, and I especially loved how we hadn't planned our day, but still got to do cool stuff. Days like this, are the best!

Happy hump day guys.


Caro * said...

Lovely outfit. Your jeans are perfect. Kisses :)

Unknown said...

Lovely photos! Very colourful. I love love love curry goat and plantain too! The weather in England (UK) is just as unpredictable.
I like your blog. I am following you on GFC, would appreciate the follow back!

The White List said...

What a lovely pop of colour!

chichi said...

Nice Picures hun. Feeling the yellow jumper
and That Curry looks yum!


Unknown said...

Anywhere there's color there's you.The colored chairs caught my 4 year old's eye.hehe! She asked if our dining set can be like that.

Caramella said...

You look gorgeous and I'd like to try some of that Jamaican curry!!